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2015 Exmark Quest Zero Turn Equipped with Steering Wheel

Exmark Quest S-Series Front Steer


Exmark has redesigned the Quest series zero turn mower for 2015. Along with traditional lap bar control levers there will now also be a steering wheel control option available in early 2015. Exmark Director of Marketing, Daryn Walters, said “We’ve made the new Quest models more comfortable and productive, with Exmark’s renowned durability and long-term value. And the Quest S-Series Front Steer delivers unmatched ease-of-use combined with enhanced hillside performance.”


2015 Exmark Quest S Series Front Steering Wheel Zero Turn Mower
Upgrades for 2015 Models


Exmark Quest S-Series will be available with 42 inch or 50 inch fabricated steel cutting decks. These decks are fabricated from high strength 10-gauge steel with a standard foot pedal-operated deck lift. Front steering makes for a much easier transition from a traditional lawn tractor to a zero turn mower. Maneuverability and control on inclines increases with front steerable wheels. The steering column tilts forward for easy operator access. Also new for 2015 the seat has been upgraded to an 18-inch high back deluxe comfort seat.



New Exmark 708cc V-Twin Engine


2015 Exmark Quest series mowers will be the first available with Exmark's new 708cc V-Twin cylinder engine. Exmark has teamed up with an unnamed at this time engine company to design their new engine from the ground up to be exclusively used in a zero turn mower. These new innovative designs increase performance and serviceability. The 708cc engine comes standard with a dual barrel carburetor to deliver increased air flow and cylinder walls are made of cast iron to provide strength and long term durability. The Exmark 708cc V-Twin cylinder engine features a newly designed air intake that provides a constant pre screened air flow to the engine which reduces debris build up and increases engine performance.





A newly designed air box cover makes it both quick to change filters and virtually makes it impossible to incorrectly install the air filter. The standard quick drain oil system make oil changes easier. This new quick drain system makes it possible to drain the engine oil without using tools. The drain hose has been made longer and more flexible to help eliminate messiness that usually occurs during oil changes. This new design will drastically reduce the time needed for routine maintenance.




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