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Are Bigger Tires On A ZTR Better?


A common question ZTR owners have is; “Does a bigger rear tire really make a difference in handling and cut quality? The answer is, YES; Bigger tires are better for many reasons. The rear tire size does make a difference offering less rutting, better traction and a smoother ride. But there are many other things to consider if your thinking about changing your rear drive tires on your ZTR. Detailed below are the many things to consider; Just going bigger isn't enough. You need to make sure your getting exactly the right tire for your specific needs.



How Big Should I go?

Going too much bigger than stock will throw off your deck pitch and hurt cut quality. You can go bigger but check your tire sizes and try to stay as close to stock tire height as possible. This will also ensure a better fit for your bigger tires. A general rule is that 1-2 sizes bigger is the max you should go without having rubbing issues.


Will Bigger Tires Tear Up My Lawn?

This really depends on the operator not the tire size; However a bigger tire does offer more traction. Anyone that doesn't know how to properly conduct turns with a ZTR will tear up the lawn regardless of how great the equipment is. The most common mistake operators make while making a turn is moving the control levers so fair apart that one tire is stopped or even going backwards. While making turns around obstacles you want to be smooth and keep both tires turning in the same direction. Just one is moving a little faster than the other. If you are turning around professionals will actually recommend doing more of a 3-point turn than just a quick spin around. This will virtually eliminate tearing up your lawn.


Are Bigger Tires Safer?

Yes bigger tires are safer. While atleast wider is safer. They offer more traction which makes for easier operation of the ZTR. Also they absorb more of the variations from uneven terrain which makes for less bouncing. This too will allow added stability, traction and control. Getting taller tires is not safer, this would raise the level of gravity of the mower. So get bigger as in wider.


Added Wear To my ZTR?

You could potentiality wear out your transaxles quicker with bigger tires. Again this is why it's recommended to not got bigger than 1-2 sizes from your stock tire size. Also if your zero turn is equipped with EZT's and not Hydro-Gear 2800's or better then you probably shouldn't even be considering a bigger tire. Perhaps your ZTR with EZT's would be fine if your got the same tire size. The only benefit here is if your changing from Turf to Lugged tires. Any other ZTR with heavier duty transaxles should perform just fine.


Lug vs. Turf Tires?

Turf tires offer no tread pattern and often times grass, mud and other yard debris get stuck in between thread reducing the traction. Also with lighter units turf tires are known to spin and rut up uneven yards. Really turf tires are best if used in mostly dry and flat surfaces where a clean well manicured look is to be accomplished. This meets the needs of most homeowners. But not if you have a large piece of property that has hilly terrain along with many variations in moisture or large fields. Lugged tires in these situations are what's best for ZTR owners. Read about our recommendation below.


Carlisle AT101 Chevron Lawn & Garden Tire

These lugged tires were designed to be used in the exact situations stated above with zero turn mowers and lawn tractors. Their rounded lug's minimize turf damages on turns. There will be less bear spots on your lawn thanks to the added grip that the AT101 Chevron's provide. The tires have non-directional pattern's which increases the distribution of traction to the ground. This maximizes control and steering ability on hilly terrains.


AT101 Chevron Lug Tires Consumer Reviews


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