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Ariens Company Expanding partly Thanks to New Ikon-X Model


On August 11th, 2015 the Ariens company announced it's plans to invest over $9 million to upgrade and expand it's current product development facility in Brillion Wisconsin where the Ariens Company Headquarters is. The new design and development center will be constructed in 3 phases over the next three years. The facility will be a total of 45,000 square feet and is expected to be completed in the fall of 2018.


"New products have been the lifeblood of our growth strategy, especially in the last several years," says Dan Ariens, Chairman and CEO. "Customers have embraced our recent product introductions and we are responding with an expansion that will allow us to bring new products and new technologies to market even faster."


New Assembly Line for New 2015 Ariens Ikon-X and Gravely zt-x Zero Turn MowersWhen this facility is complete it will be a technical and engineering center. Including divisions for model shop, prototype lab, industrial design studio and a state of the art validation testing center. This will become the companies hub for research, product development, testing and product validation of outdoor power equipment for Sno-Thro® machines, mowing equipment and outdoor chore products for both consumer and professional use under the Ariens® and Gravely® brands. It is expected to be in use 24/7 with off season product testing capabilities. This enhancement is significant for the testing of seasonal equipment. It is all expected to stream line production and quality of the production process to help get products to the market faster.


The Ariens Company is committed to continued design and development of products while ensuring they're offering the right products at the right time to prospective and existing customers. Recently introduced products; Sno-Thro® machines with auto-turn technology; the Ariens® IKON-X and Gravely® XL zero-turn mowers; the Atlas JSV utility vehicle designed in conjunction with Polaris® Industries; and new chore products such as power brushes for homeowner and commercial use. They've all have sold as expected if not better.


Recently Finished Zero Turn Assembly Line

Below the video shows the newly finished assembly line with new “Smart Technology” for the Zero Turn Mowers; Ariens Ikon and Gravely ZT.

-Real time productivity tracking
-Line pacing utilizing Red Lion technology
-Real time work instructions available in multiple languages
-Improved employee ergonomics with adjustable controls
-Expected 64% increased productivity


New Assembly Line Video





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