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Ariens Ikon-X 42 and 52 inch Zero Turn Review 2017



The Ariens Company is one of the leading manufacturers of residential and commercial outdoor power equipment. They've been in business since 1933 and also own Gravely another company mostly known for it's high-quality commercial zero turn mowers. The Ariens Ikon-X is an all new residential zero turn mower for 2015. In the few short months it has been on the market the consumers who have purchased it have given it great reviews. The Ikon-X is a great residential zero turn with commercial quality in mind. It's built to last and one of the toughest residential zero turn mowers available for under $4000. One of the most unique features we'll talk about later is the deck height dial adjustment; No more pins and levers to worry about. The Ariens Ikon-X brings a good value to the table for it's price range and it's built in america! It really shines where it needs to shine, no fancy features, just a quality built mower with features that matter most for homeowners. It hasn't made our under $5000 top ten list just yet since it's so new to the market. It needs another year or so of time to see how it'll stand up to a couple of seasons of mowing. Although it doesn't seem they'll be any issues here since currently on our top ten list are two other Ariens mowers. Our following review will be for both the 42-inch and 52-inch Ikon-X models. This is simply because there are only two key differences; the cutting width and engine horsepower. Below we'll review as many aspects of the mower as possible and may sound redundant at times; But this is only because we're trying to be as detailed as possible.



2015 Ariens Ikon-X Zero Turn Mower In Depth ReviewAriens Ikon-X Ratings
4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

Features: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)
Quality: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)
Ease of Use: 4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)
Value: 4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)


This information was gathered from 30 consumer reviews.


Brand: Ariens
Manufactured By: Ariens Company
Model: Ikon-X 42-inch/Ikon-X 52-inch
Item Number: 42”-915175 / 52”-915177
MSRP: 42”-$3,499.99 / 52”-$3699.99


Buying Options:


Authorized Dealer


When you buy the Ariens Ikon-Z from an authorized dealer near you. The dealer will have the item in stock or it will be shipped the item which they'll assemble and perform a complete inspection to ensure operation. At the time of delivery the Certified Professional will teach you on site how to operate and properly maintain the zero turn mower. This is a valuable thing for a first time Zero Turn owner.


Buy Online and Save

If there is not a authorized dealer close enough or you choose to purchase the mower online it will be shipped to you. Usually Amazon or Ebay offer free shipping. You will have to take it out of the crate and get it ready to mow yourself. It’s not a big job. You’ll need a wrecking bar or heavy claw hammer to take the crate apart and a few hand tools to install the steering wheel, seat, grass deflector and battery. However purchasing online could save you hundreds of dollars.

Click Here for more Information for purchasing from

Click Here for more Information for purchasing from




Cutting Width: 42 and 52 inches
Acres per Hour: 42-2.45hr / 52-3.05hr
Top Speed: 7mph
Weight: 42-605lbs / 52-635lbs
Length: both-77.5”
Height: both-40.9”
Width: 42-54.2” / 52-63.4”
Front Wheel Size: 11”x4”
Rear Wheel Size: 18”x8.5”
Engine Brand: Kohler 7000-series
Horse Power: 42-725cc/22hp / 52-725cc/24hp
Cutting Height Range: 1.5”-4.5”
Fuel Capacity: 2.8 gallons
Discharge: Side, Mulching or Bagging
Drive System: Duel Hydrostatic Hydro-Gear EZT
Trailer Hitch: Yes standard
Warranty: Consumer 3-year Unlimited Hours
Slope Recommendation?: up to 15 degrees


If have a uneven terrain with lots of hills and plan to use a zero turn please take the time to read our “OSHA Slope and ROPS safety” article.


Ikon-X Attachments


Mulching Kit:

The Ariens Grass Mulching kit helps create tiny grass clippings that return clippings to the lawn to feed it and keep it looking professionally manicured. The kit comes with baffles that install inside the mower deck that create cutting chambers for each blade.


Two-Bucket Bagger:

Ariens Ikon-X 2 Bag Bagger SystemThe Ariens Two-Bucket Bagger features a 2-bag capacity to efficiently collect grassing clippings abundantly and efficiently. This bagger is equipped with a powerful grass pump to improve the bagging speed. Please note to use this accessory you will need to purchase a bagger mounting kit sold separately. Ariens 815043 2-Bucket Bagger for IKON and ZT X Mowers




Pull-behind Dump Cart:

The Ariens 7cu. ft. dump cart is convertible for quick switching between pulling or pushing. The cart is 33 inch wide, 56 inch Deep and 30 inches in height. The one piece rust resist poly bed has a 350lbs capacity.


Poly Roller:

Help keep your lawn smooth or pack down newly seeded lawn. The Ariens 36 inch wide poly roller has a capacity of 400lbs. Polyrthylene construction resists dents and rust. Large opening allows for easy filling and emptying. Ariens 715033 36 in. Tow-Behind Water Fill Poly Lawn Roller


Plug Aerator:

The Ariens Plug Aerator features 8 galvanized aerator knives for durability and rust resistance. The aerator is designed to create plugs that are 3 inches in depth and remove 3.4 inch soil plugs. Aerating helps enable air, water and nutrients to reach roots to promote a healthy lawn. The aerator is 48 inches wide constructed of steel with a 140lbs capacity.



Remove excess thatch build up with the Ariens Dethatcher. This will allow water and fertilizer to get into the ground and for air to get to the plant roots. This is the perfect tool for spring time or anytime right before you fertilize.


20 Gallon Tow-Behind Spreader:

This 38 in wide spreader has a maximum spread of 12 ft and is great for spreading seed, sand, fertilizer, ice-melt and much more. The Ariens spreader is constructed with poly that resists rust. It has an adjustable flow system and holds up to 175lbs. Ariens 715036 20 Gallon Tow-Behind Spreader


15 Gallon Tow-Behind Spreader:

Pneumatic tires for easy roller and will never go flat. The boom has a 7 foot wide coverage with 4 spray tips. The 15 gallon capacity tank has a large opening for easy filling along with a drain plug. Agri-Fab 45-0292 Tow Sprayer, 15-Gallon





The Trailer Hitch is required to use most of the Ariens accessories. No worries here because the Ikon-X comes standard with a trailer hitch.


FlexTend Shoulder Support:

This unique accessory provides significant comfort improvement for riders. The support simply attaches to the steering bars allowing for gentler grip which reduces muscle fatigue. The ergonomically designed shoulder support promotes better posture releasing the back and neck of additional stress. Stens 051-103 Z-Wings Arm Rest Ariens 70706000


LED Headlight Kit:

The Ariens headlight kit comes with 2 headlights and installation instructions. It only takes a few minutes to install, just remember to disconnect the battery first. Headlight Kit, For Ariens MFR. NO. 915163


Wheel Covers:

Yes Ariens makes Chrome hub cap's for their zero turn mowers. Ariens Hub Cap Set(2) Part # 71508900


Seat Cover:

Cover's help protect your seat from the sun's UV rays along with other weather related threats. Easily installed with attached elastic cord. Ariens OEM Riding Lawn Mower Seat Cover 71511000


Mower Cover:

Cover your Ariens zero turn and protect while not in use or from the elements if it's stored outside. Mower Cover, For 915157-73, 991085-87


2015 Ariens Ikon-X Zero Turn Mower Reivew
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-Premium Kohler 7000 Series Engine Delivers consistent power
-Commercial grade design
-Three year consumer Unlimited hours warranty
-10 gauge welded fabricated steel deck
-13 cutting heights ranging from 1.5”-4.5”
-7mph forward speed
-High back seat adds comfort with standard armrest
-Standard Trailer Hitch
-Lots of Attachments and Accessories to choose from
-Fully adjustable operator seat
-3 mower blades with maximum speed of 17,000 feet per minute
-Five year frame and deck warranty
-Standard hour meter




-First time zero turn operator's make have a learning curve
-Steering control levers require adjusting
-So new might not be aware of potential problems
-Only 90 day Commercial Warranty
-EZT Transaxles are of lower end quality(common on residential units)
-300lbs Max Towing Capacity
-No gas level indication
-No deck washout ports




Ariens Ikon-X Side View DeckThe Ariens Ikon-X is available in 42 and 52-inch cutting widths and has a fully fabricated commercially designed deck that is possibly the strongest available for zero turns under $4000. The 10 gauge thick deck along with integrated wear bars provides strength and durability. It has steel spindles that are 1” in diameter with 1” sealed bearings that are maintenance free. Most other residential decks have aluminum spindles and smaller bearings. This added durability gives you more piece of mind for the “just in case” incidents of running over large objects in the yard. Ariens decks are deeper than most other residential decks available and were engineered for optimal airflow which provides excellent grass lift providing an exceptional cut quality. There are very few consumer complaints about Ariens cut quality.


Ariens Ikon-Z Underside of cutting deckThere is a commercial style 4 point deck hanging system that helps the deck float over uneven terrain. There are also 5 anti-scalp wheels. Most other mowers in this price range only have 2-3. Along with 3 cutting blades with a 17,000 feet per minute(FPM) blade tip speed and 13 cutting height adjustments homeowners should be able to achieve a professionally looking manicured lawn. Grass clippings are discharged easily and evenly with virtually no clumping. Of course as with any mower wet grass could pose a clumping issue; But we believe even that is minimal.


2015 Ariens Ikon-X Dial Deck Cut Height ControlHeight is adjustable from 1.5” to 4.5” in 1/4” increments via a Dial-operated selector. This eliminates the use of pins and levers allowing you to adjust fast. There is a foot-operated deck lift for quick adjustments and allows for the deck to be lifted on the fly to avoid hitting yard debris such as rocks, stumps, pot holes just to name a few. All this improves productivity while helping the mower to last longer.


Deck's are coated in rust resistant coating. Blade engagement is done via an electric Warner PTO and blades are driven by a belt. Pulley's and belts are covered on either side of the deck to keep debris from building up in crevices. The foot platform is easily removed for access to rest of the deck drive belt pulley system. There are no deck washout ports which might not matter with how well this deck performs. Simply put the Ikon-X will be able to tackle even the roughest terrains that any homeowner could usually throw at it with common sense of course.


What deck size is right for you? Read our “What to consider before buying a zero turn mower” article to help you make that choice.




2015 Ariens Ikon-Z Kohler 7000 series engineBoth models come with the Kohler premium 7000 series V-Twin 725cc engine. The 42” model has 22hp and the 52” comes with 24hp. These engines provide consistent power and rpm's to power the decks keeping bogging to a minimum. Really in a residential cutting environment there should almost always be no task hard enough to cause bogging to begin with. But there is also exceptions to the “rule”. The 7000 series is constructed with cast-iron cylinder walls for additional strength and durability. Maintenance points are easily accessible. Kohler has a 3-year consumer warranty on the 7000 series engines. Check out more information on Kohler's website.




Possibly the only pitfall of the Ikon-X is the duel EZT Hydro-Gear transaxles. We're not saying they are bad; In fact EZT's are the most common transaxles found in residential zero turn mowers under $5000. Remember though this is still a residential unit and is priced well under $5000 so you really can't expect it to have every bell and whistle. However Ariens did add dual cooling fans with 10cc pumps which is uncommon for EZT units. This will help lengthen the life of the transaxles. Perhaps this was a cheaper way to do it, but thats ok because keeping the cost down isn't a bad thing. Most Homeowners do not need top of the line everything for their respective cutting environment.


Hydro-Gear EZT's deliver great maneuverability and provide smooth controls. EZT's are sealed maintenance free drive units. Which means over time when gear fluid is over heated it will gum up and cause part failure. They're not designed for heavy loads and Ariens recommends a max hauling capacity of 300lbs. Usually we do not recommend hauling over 250lbs with the EZT's; but remember that Ariens added the cooling fans to these units. This will help gear fluid stay cool and extend the “normal” lifespan over most other units that do not provide cooling the to EZT drive units. This means that most any homeowner can pull a yard cart, a sweeper or use any other attachment that Ariens has available for the Ikon-X without worry.




The Ariens Ikon-X is equipped with traditional handle bar controls and driving the mower may require a bit of a learning curve for first time zero turn operator's. There are zero turn's equipped with steering wheels and perhaps one of these is a better option for you? Read our “Is a steering wheel controlled zero turn what I Need” article to help you decide. The control handle bars have a built in braking system. While the bars are swung out the parking brakes are engaged. When the bars are then swung back in the brakes are automatically disengaged. Handles are adjustable and provide tight and smooth control.




Ariens Ikon-X High Back SeatAriens mowers tend to be some of the more comfort residential zero turns. The Ikon-X features a 18-inch high back extra padded seat with seat springs for softer bump impacts. The seat is adjustable in several inches front to back and armrest's are equipped standard. The control bars are fully adjustable and have built in vibration isolators for smooth operation and added comfort. This adjustability allows most anyone to fit on the mower and operate it with ease. Contoured rubber foot mat isolate vibration for your feet and legs. FlexTend Shoulder Supports are a very unique option. This provides maximum comfort. It attaches to the control bars allowing a place for the operators arm to rest. This promotes better posture and reduces muscle fatigue. This is a bit of a smaller unit when compared to commercial units so there is some added bounciness; But this is common on most residential units. However the design of the Ikon-X is unique. As you can see in the picture below the engine and operator's seat are placed further forward which helps even out the weight distribution and makes for a slightly smoother ride.


2015 Ariens Ikon-X Side View, Engine is located slighty forward




When Ariens built the Ikon-X they had durability in mind with some commercial grade inspired design and features. Really this mower is too new having only been out for a few months to tell if it will stand up to several mowing seasons or not. But we can say that based on Ariens other machines and how we've seen other units perform the Ikon-X should stand up to just about anything a homeowner can throw at it. Especially the rigidly built fabricated mowing deck; It should outlast the rest of the mower. Ikon-X really was built well. Again the only pitfall we believe this unit has is the EZT Hydro-Gear transaxles. But really in just about every other zero turn in this price range that is what you'll get. But remember Ariens did go the extra mile with the EZT and have at least installed a cooling system. Which most other EZT units do not have. With proper maintenance and respect the Ariens Ikon-X should last a very long time for almost any residential homeowner's cutting environment. Read more about maintenance tips in our “Proper maintenance maximizes your zero turn mowers performance” Article.

Ariens Ikon Assembly Video

Please comment below with any questions or comments about the Ariens Ikon-X Zero Turn Mower!


What Ariens Ikon-X Owners are saying:


-”In the 3 months I've owned this mower it has exceeded my expectations.”


-”My first Ariens zero turn lasted 10 years and I expect this one to last longer. It's much more comfortable as well!”


-”Only complaint is I wish it had a gas level indication.”


-”I used to cut my 3 acres in 4 hours with my old Craftsman lawn tractor. Now with my Ikon my mowing time has been cut in half to about 2 and ½ hours!”


-”It cut knee high brush on the highest setting to my amazement with relative ease.”


-”The amount of height variations is awesome.”


-”A bit of a learning curve over my old lawn tractor, but it's so much fun to drive.”


-”Commercial quality and american built! I've used it 4 times and have zero complaints.”


-”I've been using the Ikon-X 52” since early May for my landscaping business. I cut about 25 lawns a week and this mower has held up very well over the course this season. I only had one issue with a belt breaking, but it was my fault really. Ariens did a great job with this mower.”


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