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#1 Ariens Max Zoom 60 inch Review 2018



The Ariens Company has been a leading manufacturer in outdoor equipment since 1933. They also own Gravely, which is a company dedicated to high quality commercial zero turn mowers. The Ariens Max Zoom has features that you would expect to have from commercial Zero Turn Mowers. All thanks to the high quality materials and engines that Ariens uses while building the Max Zoom Zero Turn. The powerful engine and welded deck will cut your mowing time in half vs a traditional lawn tractor and there are plenty of accessories to help tackle most yard maintenance jobs.


The Ariens Max Zoom 60 inch is considered to be the best Residential Zero Turn Mower from our research. Over 99% of current Max Zoom owners would recommend this ZTR to another person. Backed by an exceptional 3-year consumer unlimited hours warranty shows that Ariens stands behind the quality of it's product.

Ariens Max Zoom 60 inch zero turn mowerAriens Max Zoom 60-inch
(4.8 / 5)

Number one on our Top Ten Residential Zero Turn Mower list the Max Zoom 60-inch ratings.

Features: (4.5 / 5)
Quality: (4.6 / 5)
Ease of Use: (4.9 / 5)
Value: (4.6 / 5)



This information was gathered from 196 consumer reviews.



Brand: Ariens
Manufactured By: Ariens
Model: Max Zoom 60-inch
Item Number: 991087
MRSP: 4,999.00

Buying Options:

Online on Ebay or Authorized Dealers


When you buy the Ariens Max Zoom from an authorized dealer near you. The dealer will have the item in stock or be shipped the item which they will assemble and perform a complete inspection to ensure operation. At the time of delivery the Certified Professional will teach you on site how to operate and properly maintain the zero turn mower. This is one of the most valuable things for a first time Zero Turn owner.


If there is not a authorized dealer close enough you will have it shipped to you. You will have to take it out of the crate and get it ready to mow yourself. It’s not a big job. You’ll need a wrecking bar or heavy claw hammer to take the crate apart and a few hand tools to install the steering wheel, seat, grass deflector and battery.



Cutting Width: 60 inches
Acres per Hour: 4 acres @ 8mph
Top Speed: 8mph
Weight: 853lbs
Warranty: 3-year unlimited hours
Engine brand: Kohler
Horse Power/CC: 25hp/725cc
Height Cutting range: 1”-5”
Fuel Capacity: 6 gal
Discharge: Side, Mulching or Bagging
Drive System: Twin ZT-3100 hydrostatic
Recommended for moderate slopes? Manufacture recommends flat to moderately sloped terrains
Mow in Reverse? Yes



Pull-behind Dump Cart:

The Ariens 7cu. ft. dump cart is convertible for quick switching between pulling or pushing. The cart is 33 inch wide, 56 inch Deep and 30 inches in height. The one piece rust resist poly bed has a 350lbs capacity.


Mulching Kit:

The Ariens Grass Mulching kit helps create tiny grass clippings that return clippings to the lawn to feed it and keep it looking professionally manicured. The kit comes with baffles that install inside the mower deck that create cutting chambers for each blade.


Poly Roller:

Help keep your lawn smooth or pack down newly seeded lawn. The Ariens 36 inch wide poly roller has a capacity of 400lbs.


Plug Aerator:

The Ariens Plug Aerator features 8 galvanized aerator knives for durability and rust resistance. The aerator is designed to create plugs that are 3 inches in depth and remove 3.4 inch soil plugs. Aerating helps enable air, water and nutrients to reach roots to promote a healthy lawn. The aerator is 48 inches wide constructed of steel with a 140lbs capacity.



Remove excess thatch build up with the Ariens Dethatcher. This will allow water and fertilizer to get into the ground and for air to get to the plant roots. This is the perfect tool for spring time or anytime right before you fertilize.


Ariens Max Zoom 60 bagger attachment zero turn mower

The Ariens 60 inch Bagger features a 3-bag capacity to efficiently collect grassing clippings abundantly and efficiently. This bagger is equipped with a powerful grass pump to improve the bagging speed. Please note to use this accessory you will need to purchase a bagger mounting kit sold separately.


 20 Gal Tow-Behind Spreader:

This 38 in wide spreader has a maximum spread of 12 ft and is great for spreading seed, sand, fertilizer, ice-melt and much more. The Ariens spreader is constructed with poly that resists rust. It has an adjustable flow system and holds up to 175lbs.


Ariens Max Zoom 60 flextend shoulder support zero turn mowerFlexTend Shoulder Support:

This unique accessory provides significant comfort improvement for riders. The support simply attaches to the steering bars allowing for gentler grip which reduces muscle fatigue. The ergonomically designed shoulder support promotes better posture releasing the back and neck of additional stress.


Headlight Kit:

The Ariens headlight kit comes with 2 headlights and installation instructions. It only takes a few minutes to install, just remember to disconnect the battery first.



Don't forget about the Trailer Hitch that is required to use most of the Ariens accessories. One piece all steel constructed and easy to install with just a few nuts and bolts.



-Premium Kohler 7000 series Pro V-Twin 25 horse power engine
-Commercial grade design
-Three year consumer warranty
-10 gauge welded and fabricated steel deck
-Twin ZT-3100 transaxle transmissions
-6 gallon fuel tank capacity
-60 inch wide mower deck
-9 cutting heights from 1” to 5”
-8mph forward cutting speed
-Fully adjustable seat for operator comfort
-Zero Turning radius
-3 mower blades that cut at a maximum speed of 18,000 feet per minute




-May have issues fitting thru gates or small shed doors with 60 inch deck
-One of the more expensive residential zero turn mowers
-As with any first time zero turn operator there is a learning curve
-Steering controls may require some extra adjustments

Informational Video



The Ariens Max Zoom 60 inch deck delivers a strong and durable commercial grade like quality. The welded and fabricated 10 gauge steel deck features three maintenance free spindles that are designed to help tackle some of the roughest cutting environments. There is a 3/8 inch leading edge to provide accuracy. The deck sits on three anit-scalp wheels that help glide over the roughest terrains while still maintaining a clean cut. Grass clippings are side-discharged as a standard option. Ariens has high quality optional mulching and/or bagging accessories available. The Max Zoom's deck construction and design assure professional looking manicured lawns.


The deck height is adjustable in 9 positions ranging from a 1 inch cut to 5 inch cut with a foot-operated deck lift which provides effortless adjustments. This is sure to provide you with any option needed to tackle any cutting job. Mow more grass in fewer passes with the 3 cutting blades with a maximum speed of 18,000 feet per minute eliminating the need for overlapping. Because of the speed of the blades grass clippings are discharged evenly with minimal clumping. This allows you to raise the deck while going over rocks or tree stumps while maintaining a smooth clean discharge of clippings.


The Ariens Max Zoom mower blades meet ANSI standards and are made with high quality durable resilient materials. These double-sided blades give you two chances to cut each blade of grass. Don't worry about changing your blades every 2-3 months because these blades will out last most other residential grade mower blades on the market.



Ariens Max Zoom 60 rear view zero turn mowerThis premium 725cc 25 horse power Kohler engine delivers. Kohler's 7000 series pro V-Twin has cast-iron cylinder walls and professional-grade cylinder heads, crankshafts, connecting rods and pistons. Kohler's new Consistent Cut technology provides consistent power to the deck. Which helps get the perfect cut. The 6 gallon fuel cell along with this engines high EPA will allow you to run for several hours without having to fill up.


Maintenance is smooth with all oil and fuel points being located on the same side of the engine for quick inspection. Oil capacity is 2 quarts with a large oil filling tube. This allows oil to flow faster and minimizes spilling while filling. The air cleaner is accessible from the top which allows for a tool less quick inspection or replacement.  



Ariens Max Zoom 60 Hydro Gear 3100 transmission zero turn mowerTwin ZT-3100 hydrostatic transaxles help get the power of the Kohler engine to the ground. ZT-3100 transaxles are designed for commercial applications. This just is added bonus for the Ariens Max Zoom zero turn mower's durability. The ZT-3100 transaxles are capable or handling any harsh conditions a residential operator might try to throw at it. They feature a relief valve for added protection, Cut steel pinion for greater strength and a Charge pump that increases speed.




Ariens Max Zoom zero turn mowers are designed with traditional handle bar controls as most other zero turns are equipped with. They are fully adjustable with vibration isolators to improve comfort. The handle bar controls have 3 adjustable positions to accommodate different sized operators. First time users may have a bit of a learning curve at first. If you have not used a zero turn before check out our top ten questions about zero turns review for some information. As with any traditional zero turn mower there is a bit of a learning curve for any first time operators. Check out the video section to view some how-to's and safety videos.



Ariens Max Zoom 60 adjustable control levers zero turn mowerAriens has comfort in mind when engineering their zero turn mowers. There is plenty of leg room and the handle bars swing out for easy accessibility to the operators seat. The seat is made of a durable leather with plenty of padding featuring a adjustable high back seat with armrests. The 853lbs mower is planted to the ground and does not bounce around like smaller zero turns. FlexTend Shoulder Supports are a very unique option. This provides maximum comfort. It attaches to the control bars allowing a place for the operators arm to rest. This promotes better posture and reduces muscle fatigue.



Ariens delivers great durability with the Max Zoom zero turn mower. From the rigid steel construction of the frame, fabricated steel deck to the strong zt-3100 transaxles. Ariens truly has the consumer in mind. This is a residential mower with nothing but commercial grade engineering and parts. Some owners have said they have literately thousands of hours of operation time. The 3-year warranty supports this.  

What Ariens Max Zoom 60 inch Owners are saying:


-”Effortlessly cuts knee high grass”

-”I've used my Max Zoom for over 1000 hours without issues”

-”This thing is a beast, I can't break it”

-”I sometimes have traction issues on wet grass”

-”I've mowed 13 acres bi-weekly for two years now with zero problems”

-”Have owned my 60" for a couple years now and I cant say enough about it. It has a good ride, starts every time, has a good even cut, easy to do regular maintenance on, and cut my mowing time in half”

-”OMG!!! This mower ROCKS! It cut my mowing time by 75%. Couldn't be happier with the product so far”

-”I'm very pleased with the quality and performance of this product. I did a lot of research before making the decision to purchase my Ariens zero-turn mower and am glad to say it was worth every cent!”

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