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Best Selling Walk Behind Salt Spreader?

Chapin 80-Pound Salt and Ice Melt Spreader Review

For Salt/Halite/Ice Melt and All Season Use

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Outdoor Winter Safety

During the winter month’s outdoor safety is usually top of mind for people in colder climates that see sub zero temperatures, ice and snow. Effectively salting walkways and driveways is one of the most important things to do for safety. For some homeowners a hand held crank style spreader (Chapin Poly Hand Crank Spreader) might be all that is needed to effectively spread ice melting salt over surfaces. But for those that have bigger driveways, walkways or for business use on small parking lots then using a walk behind spreader is essential. If melting salt is not spread properly it leads to clumping of salt, reduces the effectiveness of the melting agents and could even leave some areas untouched. Black ice could form and safety is greatly reduced. If you’ve ever slipped on ice then you know it could be a dangerous situation.


Walk Behind Salt Spreaders

These salt spreaders resemble wheelbarrows and work by being pushed from behind. The hopper is where salt is poured into for disbursement underneath; where the auger spreads salt evenly onto surfaces. Augers are driven off the axle by a gearbox. The faster you push, the faster the auger spins and the faster the salt is spread onto surfaces. Spreaders are easy to maneuver and make a tedious time consuming task efficiently easier. Easy operation, quality, versatility, durability and capacity are all important when looking at what salt spreader is best. Below we’ll discuss in detail what the best online selling salt spreader has to offer.


Chapin 80-Pound Salt and Ice Melt Spreader Model# 80088

Chapin 80088 Salt Spreader with Baffle System
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This residential intended use spreader offers superior performance, quality construction and efficiency. Chapin International, INC is well known for manufacturing professional grade sprayers and spreaders since 1903. The 80-pound capacity hopper is the same one found on the pro models and is fully supported by a rugged steel black powder coated frame. The hopper has an optional included snow/rain cover and salt grate.


The bail system was ergonomically designed allowing use of either hand while operating. Below the hopper is a 360-degree directional baffle system that’s used for spread control. This means if you’re salting next to a garden, flower beds or lawn that you don’t want melting agents getting onto, you can effectively block the sides that you wish from the spreading auger. The auger is made of a patent-pending poly conical. The 12” pneumatic tires offer easy navigation and will never go soft since they don’t need to be filled with air.


This isn’t just a salt spreader. Chapin designs their spreaders having all seasons in mind. This makes the spreader compatible with sale, halite/ice melt, fertilizer, seed and more thanks to simple gate adjustment. The maximum load capacity on this Model# 80088 is 80 pounds. The Chapin Salt Spreader is backed by a 5-year warranty. The operators handle is foldable for ample storage space.



-Made by Chapin International in the USA
-Model # 80088
-12” Fully Pneumatic Tires
-Dimensions 21” D x 24” W x 26.5”
-Weighs 25.2 pounds
-Some assembly required
-Spread range approximately 6 feet
-80lbs hopper capacity


Assembly Instructions

Chapin Salt Spreader 80088 Assembly Instructions
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Instructions are from Chapin Spreader Model# 80088 Manual. Please refer to the manual that comes with your spreader at the time of purchase in case of slight instruction or design changes. You can refer to Chapin’s website or call them toll-free 1-800-950-4456 for assistance.


General Operating Instructions

-Be sure gate control is in the closed position (do not hold bail down when filling).

-Determine the appropriate setting for the material being used by reading the suggested setting on the material’s bag if available. Be sure to also read the instructions on the bag or box of the material you’re spreading to identify accurate setting needed.

-To begin spreading, start walking at about a 3 mph pace and pull the bail system down to open the gate to allow material to spread.

-To stop spreading simply let go of the bail and the gate will close.


Baffle Operating Instructions

-Adjust the baffle by hand to block distribution accordingly.
-The front and sides can be adjusted independently.
-Use wing nuts to adjust tension on the baffles.


Storage and Maintenance

-When finished spreading completely empty the hopper of any remaining material.
-Thoroughly wash the spreader and allow it to dry before storing.
-You can fold down the handle for added storage space.

-Remove the bottom two bolts on the handle
-Loosen the two thumb screws and fold down the handle
-Replace the two bottom bolts
-Tighten the two thumb screws completely


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