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Bob-Cat Mowers XRZ Zero Turn Mower Review 2017


Bob-Cat Mowers was been around since the 1950s and started as the Wisconsin Marine Company in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. Now owned by Schiller Grounds Care, INC. in Johnson Creek Wisconsin Bob-Cat Mowers are known to be “The Last Mower You'll Ever Buy” and with their impressive 6-year 500 hour warranty on the XRZ machines, it's safe to say they stand by the quality of their zero turn mowers. Having been in business now for over 60 years they have experience and a strong heritage of being built in the USA! The Bob-Cat XRZ zero turn is both known for either a high end residential option for homeowners with large properties in the three plus acre range. Or is widely used by Landscaping professionals as a mid-grade commercial mower. For whichever you intend to use it for the XRZ will be a good choice with a tremendous value.



Bob-Cat XRZ


Bobcat XRZ zero turn mower reviewBrand: Bob-Cat Mowers
Manufactured By: Schiller Grounds Care, INC
Model: XRZ-48"-942610, 52"-942611, 61"-942612
MRSP: $5,754-$6,086





Buying Options


Authorized Dealer

When you buy a Bob-Cat mower from a local authorized dealer they will have the product delivered and assembled at their service center. Here they will complete inspection of the mower and ensure everything is operating properly. You can choose to pick up your new machine yourself or have the authorized dealer deliver it to you. Some fees may apply depending on where you are buying it from. Upon delivery you'll be shown how to operate your new Bob-Cat XRZ zero turn mower. “Happy Mowering”


Buy Online and Save

Maybe your looking for the best deal or if there is not a authorized dealer close enough you can have buying your new zero turn mower online and have it shipped to you. Usually you can find free shipping on Ebay and sometimes from manufactures websites. You will have to take it out of the crate and get it ready to mow yourself. It’s not a big job. You’ll need a wrecking bar or heavy claw hammer to take the crate apart and a few hand tools to assemble a few things such as the steering components, seat, grass chute, battery, etc. However many of the listings are actual dealers and the above stated would apply.


Cutting Width: 48, 52 and 61 inches
Acres per Hour: 2.8, 3.3, 4.2
Top Speed: 8 mph
Weight: 48”-736lbs, 52”-752lbs, 61”-795lbs
Dimensions: 76” L x 45” H 48”-52” decks / 79” L x 45” H 61” deck
Front Tire Size: 13” x 5-5 Smooth Tread Pneumatic
Rear Tire Size: 22” x 11-10 Turf Tires
Warranty: 6-year/500 Hour
Engine brand: Kawasaki
Horsepower/CC: 48”-21.5 hp, 52”-23 hp, 61”-24 hp, all 726cc
Height Cutting range: 1.5”-4.875”
Fuel Capacity: 6 Gallons
Discharge: Side, Mulch and Bagger
Drive System: Hydro-Gear ZT 3100
Tow Hitch: Not Included but is an option
Recommended for moderate slopes? Manufacture recommends flat to moderately sloped terrains
Mow in Reverse? Yes
Manufactured: Made in USA


XRZ Attachments and Accessories

Bobcat XRZ Zero Turn Mower Deck Striping KitDeck Striping Kit

Achieve the professional, unique baseball field striped look to your cut. It's to install to the back of the mower deck. However the striping kit is currently only available for the XRZ 61” Deck.




Magnetic Light Kit


The magnetic light kit is easy to use because it does not require any installation. Simply place it on any of the flat metal areas that suit your lighting needs. No wiring is required either. The light kit plugs into the 12 volt accessory plug on the right side of the mower just below the seat.


Bobcat XRZ Zero Turn Mower Grass CatcherGC Dump Grass Catcher


A grass catcher saves room and is easier to use over a traditional bagger collection system. Operators can empty the grass on the fly from the seat. It empties by simply pulling a rope. After the initial installation the grass catcher removes in just seconds. It comes in 3.75 or 5 Bushel Capacities.


Trailer Hitch Kit


This cannot be used with the PECO Vacuum Collection system. It does easily un bolt if you are using the bagger system. The hitch kit is mounted to the rear of the mower at the bottom of the rear bumper/engine guard.


Bobcat XRZ zero turn mower PECO 2 Bag Vac Collection SystemPECO 2 Bag Vacuum Collection System


The collection system is great use for easy removal of grass clippings, fallen leaves and other small yard debris. The PECO Collection System is the most powerful currently in the industry and make quick work of just about any lawn debris. It has two bags with a total capacity of 9 bushels. The three bladed steel fan is spindle driven and engages when the cutting blades are engaged. This system is built with a low profile for better visibility and a lower center of gravity improving stability. Don't forget to use a weight bar kit for the front of the mower to help balance the weight.



-6 year/500 hour warranty
-8mph forward mowing speed
-Mows in reverse
-Heavy Duty ZT-3100 Transaxles
-Adjustable high back seat with armrests
-Parking Brake integrated with lap bars
-Adjustable Anti-Scalp wheels
-Fabricated reinforced mowing deck
-Hour Meter Standard
-Easy Access Maintenance points
-6 Gallon Fuel Capacity
-Engine Guard
-Foot pedal assisted deck height adjustment
-Great entry-level landscaper mower
-12 volt plug for accessories such as phone or Ipod chargers.


-No Fuel Level indictor
-Tow Hitch not included
-No Deck Washout ports
-Higher price for Residential use
-Noisy Operation


Informational Video


Mowing Deck

Bobcat XRZ Zero Turn Mower Review Under cutting DeckThe BOB-CAT® TufDeck Professional-Cut Mower Deck is built well and is a great value. Bob-Cat's patented Double-Wave Baffle system ensures the grass is standing straight up to deliver a clean even cut. With a blade tip speed of 18,800 fpm the finely cut grass clippings are disbursed evenly. Some say the Bob-Cat deliveries the best cut quality by far at this price point. The XRZ is available with 48”, 52” and 61” wide 3 blade mowing decks.


These decks are fabricated with 10 gauge steel and reinforced with 7 gauge at all of the critical high impact stress points. The leading 7 gauge reinforcement is even two way adjustable. Three anti-scalp 3-way adjustable deck wheels help provide a smooth even cut by stopping the deck from bottoming out. The mowing height of the deck is adjustable from 1.5” to 4.875” in .25” increments.



Each of the three XRZ models come with Kawasaki FR engines specifically matched to their respective mowing deck sizes. These range from 21.5 to 24 horsepower 726cc V-Twin engines. The Kawasaki FR engines are known for their high quality and durability. They offer a 3 year warranty separate from the mower itself. For more details about the Kawasaki FR engines check out their website.



Basic maintenance is a breeze with the air filter not requiring tools to be changed. To drain the oil there is a tube that is attached so that oil doesn't drip all over the frame. The oil filter is just as easily accessible and can be changed by hand. Lifting the operators seat reveals access to the transaxle cooling fans, fluid and drive belts. Also lifting the foot platforms allows for access to the deck belts. Each belt cover and either side of the mower is easily removed with a wing nut.



Twin Hydro Gear ZT-3100 hydrostatic transaxles help get the power of the Kawasaki engine to the ground. ZT-3100 transaxles are of a commercial grade. This adds value and durability to the Bob-Cat XRZ zero turn. The ZT-3100 transaxles are capable of handling any harsh conditions a residential operator might try to throw at it. They feature a relief valve for added protection, Cut steel pinion for greater strength, cooling fans, fluid reservoir and a 10cc Charge pump that increases speed.



Bob-Cat XRZ mowers are designed with traditional handle bar controls with integrated parking brake as most any other zero turns are equipped with. They are fully adjustable with vibration isolators to improve comfort. The handle bar controls have several adjustable positions to accommodate most any sized operators. Hydro Gear ZT-3100's provide very smooth and responsive steering. First time users may have a bit of a learning curve at first. If you have not used a zero turn before check out our top ten questions about zero turns review for some information. As with any traditional zero turn mower there is a bit of a learning curve for any first time operators. Check out the video section to view some how-to's and safety videos.



The premium commercial grade adjustable high back seat provides great back support that helps ensure better posture and comfort. Bob-Cat's elastomeric vibration control (EVC) seat with armrest help reduce vibration and with the thickly cushioned seat will allow for hours of comfortable mowing time. The seat is built with shock absorbing springs and is adjustable along with the adjustable control bars so that almost any sized operator can be comfortable. All of the basic controls on the right side for ease of use.


Other Comparable Residential Quality Zero Turn Mowers:

Consider other comparable options before you buy. Also check out our “Consider Before Your Buy” Section to help ensure you're buying the right mower for you and your unique situation.

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What Bob-Cat XRZ Owners are saying:


  • “I've purchased competitive brands, but I find myself coming back to Bobcat”

  • “This is an awesome machine for money”

  • “I wish it was a bit quieter, It sounds like a jet engine when the blades are engaged. But it cuts better then any other mower I've owned.”

  • “Great durability, I've had my XRZ 52 inch for 5 years now and use it commercially.”

  • “It used to take me 3 hours with my old Toro 48” Tractor and now with my Bobcat zero turn it takes 1 hours and 25 minutes!”

  • “I have abused this thing and the deck holds up great.”

  • “The cut quality is absolutely amazing”

  • “I wish I could tell how much fuel I had, that is only complaint.”

  • “Just used mine yesterday for first time, WOW I wish I got a zero turn sooner!”



Buy With Confidence


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