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12 Nov 2015

STIHL recalls 156k Trimmers, Edgers, Brushcutters, Pole Pruners and KombiMotors Due to Fire Hazard

Recalled Product: STIHL gas-powered edgers, trimmer/brushcutters, pole pruners and KombiMotors   Hazard: The gas tank vent becomes dislocated due to an incorrect factory installation. This will caused fuel to leak out of the gas tank posing a
12 Oct 2015

The Best Snow and Ice Melter’s

Introduction Winter is on its way and if you’re looking for the best ice-melting products, then you should go for Calcium Chloride pellets. These pellets are more effective than other salts like magnesium chloride, potassium chloride and
2 Oct 2015

Use Fall Leaves to Fertilize Your Lawn!

What to do with all those Fall leaves? To most people it is a misconception that leaves need to be swept, raked, bagged and hauled away. In the natural ecosystem, no one does anything with leaves that
13 Sep 2015

Are Bigger Tires On A ZTR Better?

Introduction A common question ZTR owners have is; “Does a bigger rear tire really make a difference in handling and cut quality? The answer is, YES; Bigger tires are better for many reasons. The rear tire size
9 Sep 2015

Why Fall is Not the time to Prune?

Timing is Important Before Pruning For most people trimming and pruning go together during fall cleanup. Even though it seems like getting rid of unsightly straggly branches at this time is a good idea; It’s actually not.
4 Sep 2015

Time of Year for Fungi & Rust Spots to Show Up on Turf Grass

Introduction It's that time of year again if you have turf grass where orange rust spots start showing up. Particularly with perennial ryegrass, kentucky bluegrass and fescues. Sometimes these “rust” spots show up in the spring time,
27 Aug 2015

Top Five Landscaping Design Apps

  As technology keeps on growing and changing it brings along some great tools that help make our life’s more convenient. This quick list of apps offer ideas and ideal starting points for designs while providing thousands
24 Aug 2015

Protect Your Lawn and Kill Weeds with Natural Herbicides

Introduction Most everyone has weed problems at one point or another. There could actually be a problem with your lawn if it is dominated by weeds. Likely it could be bad lawn care practices, growing conditions, compaction,
19 Aug 2015

BEWARE: Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed Kills Centipede Grass!

Introduction Earlier this year Scotts reformulated it's Turf Builder Bonus S Weed & Feed along with some other products in an effort to gain more weed control. Instead unsuspecting homeowners have been faced with damaged or even
19 Aug 2015

Jack’s Classic Fertilizer is A Superior Alternative to Scotts Miracle-Gro

JR Peters Jacks Classic No.4 All Purpose Fertilizer Review   Introduction This general purpose fertilizer is great for maintaining plants in gardens, in growing facilities and for keeping grass green and lush. Formally know as Peter's; Jack's
26 Mar 2015

New Free App from Scotts to Help Homeowners Manage Lawncare

Scotts recently launched a free mobile app, called My Lawn. My Lawn is designed to help homeowners create customized lawn care plans. Users simply tell the app a little bit about their lawn, and the app analyzes
10 Feb 2015

12,000 Shed and Woodworking patterns – My Shed and Woodworking Plans

My Shed Plan is a complete guide that explains how you can build a beautiful shed from scratch. Ryan Henderson the writer of the book has given detailed blueprints and step by step instructions that even a