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Consumer Wins Exmark Lazer Z with Take Back Your Weekend Video Contest


Congratulations to Walt A from Kentucky for wining the grand prize of the “Exmark Take Back Your Weekends” Video Contest. The contest was was announced in April and Exmark asked it's consumers to make a video. This video was to show how they could take back their weekends from doing yardwork to instead pursuing their pleasures and hobbies with more free time. The theme is basically to show that with an Exmark Zero Turn Mower you will have much more time on your hands after completing lawn mowing chores.


Exmark stated they had several hundred video's submitted and that the creativity was impressive which made it hard to choose the winter. They spent hours deciding who the winners would be. In total there were 18 prize winners. The grand prize was a brand new 2015 Exmark Lazer Z Z-Series Zero Turn Mower. Other prizes where a dream fishing trip with bass fisherman Mike Iaconelli, a Golf and Spa Day Experience, and some high-quality hunting, fishing and golfing gear for the remaining winners.


Walt and his family were creative during the making of their grand prize winning video entry. It starts off with Walk mowing his large estate size property with a small push mower while his family goes off to the community pool for the day. After they leave he goes into his barn where he's apparently hiding a large Exmark zero turn mower. He mows his property while still having time for some of his favorite hobbies. Then when his wife text's him to say they're on the way home he goes back to mowing with his little push mower and just “finishes” when the family returns. It's a great quality thought out video which is why it won the grand prize. Check it out below.


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