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Differences of Lawn Tractors vs Zero Turn Mowers

Weather your in the market for your first riding lawn mower or just simply want to upgrade it's good to review all of your options. Is a Lawn Tractor what you need? Is a Zero Turn Mower what you need? Lets take the differences between lawn tractors and zero turn mowers into consideration to review the pros and cons.







Zero Turn Mower

Lawn Tractor

Zero turn mowers are able to turn completely within it's own footprint. This allows for quick effortless 180 degree turns resulting in efficient mowing. It makes for less return mowing over missed spots and nearly eliminates the need to backup.

Lawn tractors steer just like a automobile with a steering wheel does. This makes it more intuitive for the majority of shoppers. This makes it a popular first choice with consumers.

The average mowing speed with 6-8mph which allows you to get the job done quickly. On average cutting time is reduced 30-40% from that of a lawn tractor.

There are many different models available. This means more competition in the marketplace and helps drive down price. That means there are even low budget options.

Zero turn mowers high maneuverability allows you to mow neatly and closely around obstacles such as tree, garden beds, bushes, the house, etc.

Lawn tractors are usually considered to be very sturdy and easier to use. Often they can fit through narrow obstacles.





Zero Turn Mower

Lawn Tractor

Zero turn mowers are heavier on the rear since that's were the engine is located. This means most zero turn manufacturers do not recommend use on slopes over 10-15 degrees.

Since lawn tractors have a much larger turning radius you'll likely need to back or loop around the yard. Sometime will be needed to mow over missed spots. Both causes an increased mowing time.

Lighter zero turns tend to loose traction on slopes and wet grass. This can be very dangerous. This could cause some ruts.

Lawn tractors operate at a slower speed averaging 3-4mph. This factor also increases overall mowing time.

Most zero turn mowers run on gas which maybe a concern of some buyers. But there are some electric versions being produced which tend to be more expensive. But the same would go for lawn tractors.

The lower maneuverability of lawn tractors makes it harder for them to tackle obstacles and mow around them. This again also increases mowing time.



As you can tell it is clear that zero turn mowers and lawn tractors are not alike. Each has it's own advantages and disadvantages. Keep in mind the above pros and cons when buying your first riding lawn mower to ensure you get whats right for your lawn mowing needs.

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