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Grasshopper Zero Turn Mower Snow Removal Attachments



Grasshopper is one of best most durable well built zero turn machines on the market. Yes they're expensive and can set you back thousands but with their reliability, reputation and multi-purpose uses they are well worth the money; For both professional landscapers or estate homeowners that live in climates that truly see all four seasons. Below we'll review the current 5 most versatile snow removal attachments that are available for use with all Front Mount Power Units. Below there is also a video demonstrating all of these attachments.



Grasshopper Little Bully Dozer Blades

Grasshopper Zero Turn Snow PlowThis multi-purpose dozer blade helps you to move sand, gravel, dirt, snow and even will dislodge stubborn ice from surfaces. There are two sizes; 48 and 60-inches. These combinations are perfect for clearing small parking lots, sidewalks and driveways. With the zero turn maneuverability it's easy to plow around obstacles. In tight areas where pickup trucks are a hazzle to use these can help increase ease of use and efficiency.


Grasshopper Little Bully Dozer Blade Features

-Easy to use foot control lever allows on the flu height adjustment.
-Blade can be raised with hand or foot controls.
-Hydraulic lift and Angling available as optional pro upgrades.
-48 and 60-inch blade widths.
-Blades can be adjusted for straight or 25 degree left or right operation.


Grasshopper DriftBuster Snowthrowers

Grasshopper Zero Turn Snow Blower AttachmentGrasshoppers snow blower attachments are driven by the mowers PTO which delivers auger speed control. This features makes it easy to pick up an inch or two dusting to a full on 12-inches or more heavy wet snow. Auger speed is control with the engine throttle. With auger speed adjustment and throttle control operators can maintain constant rotation for maximum snow removal.


Grasshopper DriftBuster Snowthrower Features

-48 and 60-inch wide snow blowers.
-Scraper blade is made of heavy duty thick steel and replaceable.
-Blower is constructed of thick gauge heavy duty welded steel.
-QuikConverter implementation system allows for the blower to be installed or removed in just a few minutes without tools.
-12-inch in diameter high speed auger.
-Discharge spout is controlled from the operator's seat and will rotate a full 180 degrees.
-Blower can throw snow up to 30 feet.
-Optional upgrade available for an electric lift and spout rotation with a joystick mounted on the lever allowing for uninterrupted smooth control of the discharge spout and blower auger.


Grasshopper 60 inch V-Plow

Grasshopper Zero Turn Mower V-Plow Snow Removal AttachmentThe V-Plow is ideal for clearing a 5 foot wide path from sidewalks and driveways. The V-Plow features heavy duty replaceable blades. A hand controlled lever within reach from the operator's seat lifts and raises the plow. It's also adjustable in 4 positions for use over grass or stones.






Grasshopper Clean Sweep Rotary Broom

Zero Turn Rotary Broom Brush Snow Removal AttachmentRotary brooms are handy for cleaning up surfaces of debris, dirt, ice, slush and will effortlessly clear up to 8-inches of snow. These are optimal to use for finishing work after clearing snow. Clean up the stubborn leftover icy snow stuck to the pavement.


Clean Sweep Rotary Broom Features

-Fixed-angle 48 and 60-inch brooms.
-60-inch hydraulic bi-directional broom.
-QuikConverter implementation system allows for quick installation and removal of rotary broom.
-Easily adjusted from the operator's seat.


Grasshopper Front Mount Winter Enclosure

Grasshopper Zero Turn Winter Enclosure Snow Removal AttachmentEnclosures keep you warm, comfortable and productive. The full view enclosure can be entered or exited from either side. The wiper kit whips away over blown snow and ice for maximum visibility. Truly transform you zero turn into a zero turn snow removal machine.


Winter Enclosure Features

-Optional 16k BTU heater upgrade for liquid cooled models only.
-Optional upgrade Halogen or LED lights mounted on the top corners of enclosure.
-Electric windshield wipers for increased visibility.
-Electric package for electric lift of attachments from inside the machine.

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Grasshopper Snow Removal Demonstration Video



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