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Review: Husqvarna RZ4219 42 Inch Zero Turn Mower 2017


The Husqvarna RZ4219 previously made our top ten list at number ten not due to any fancy features, high horse powered engine or blazing fast cutting speed. But simply due to it's very basic inexpensive design. Being one the cheapest zero turn mowers available with an Manufacture Suggested Retail price of just $2,399.99. It is one of the cheapest options. In all honesty this simple zero turn mower is probably all that most homeowners will need. The RZ4219 is lightweight but does not sacrifice maneuverability and will not tear up your lawn. The cutting deck is known to deliver even quality cuts thanks to vented spindles that help lift the grass. For the price this mower is a solid zero turn mower.


In June of 2006 Husqvarna acquired Dixon, which has been a well known manufacture of Zero Turn Mowers for almost 40 years. Dixon is arguably known as the best residential homeowner zero turn. On August 15th 2014 Husqvarna Professional Products Inc. announced that they will discontinue the Dixon brand in the USA at the end of 2014. Since Husqvarna acquired Dixon their Zero Turn Mowers, Tractors, Walk Behind Mowers and line of Attachments has adopted their great designs and quality to make a super combination of both products into one. Husqvarna also makes some of the Sears Craftsman series Lawn Tractors and Zero Turn Mowers along with MTD.


Husqvarna did have many consumer complaints about some of their zero turn mowers having issues with belts falling off. They recalled some of their mowers and the 2013 model of the RZ4219 was included. The recall was for undersized belts and pulleys. Husqvarna claims to have fixed these issues with their 2014 and new models. Just be aware when buying any Husqvarna mower weather you are getting a 2013 or 2014 model as some retailers will still have older models leftover.

Husqvarna Zero Turn MowerHusqvarna RZ4219 42-inch

Previoiusly Number ten on our Top Ten Residential Zero Turn Mower list the Husqvarna RZ4219 received a 3.8 out of 5.0 rating.
Features: 3.0/5
Quality: 3.3/5
Ease of Use: 4.5/5
Value: 3.9/5
This information was gathered from 158 consumer reviews.




Brand: Husqvarna
Manufactured By: Husqvarna
Model: RZ4219
Item Number: 966 80 90-02
MRSP: $2,399.99
Buying Options: Amazon Free shipping, Ebay usually has free shipping or pick up at an Authorized Dealer


Amazon will have the Husqvarna RZ4219 shipped to you for free within the lower 48 states. You will have to take it out of the crate and get it ready to mow yourself. It’s not a big job. You’ll need a wrecking bar or heavy claw hammer to take the crate apart and a few hand tools to in some cases install the steering wheel, seat, grass deflector and battery.


Cutting Width: 42 inches
Acres per Hour: 2.20 @ 6.5mph
Top Speed: 6.5mph
Weight: 430lbs
Warranty: 3-year limited Consumer
Engine brand: Briggs & Stratton
Horse Power/CC: 19hp/540cc
Height Cutting range: 1.5-4” in 6 increments
Fuel Capacity: 3 gallons
Discharge: Side, Mulching or Bagging
Drive System: Hydrostatic Hydro Gear EZT
Recommended for moderate slopes? Flat terrain to moderate slopes less than 10 degrees
Mow in Reverse? Yes


Husqvarna RZ4219 BaggerThe RZ4219 is a low priced entry level zero turn mower and does not have a lot of fancy attachments. Husqvarna does make a two bag 6 bushel capacity bagger. Current owners do say that the bagger does work well in most conditions. There is a mulching kit available with hi lift blades that help make clippings ultra fine. An armrest kit is available to help with comfort and reduce muscle fatigue. Husqvarna does not ever a hitch kit for the RZ4219 because it is not designed to pull heavy loads. Pulling heavy loads will tear up the EZT transmissions. If you plan to pull heavy loads look into the Toro TimeCutter SS4260 or Ariens Zoom 42. Click Here to see available accessories on


-Maintenance Free EZT transmissions
-3 gallon capacity fuel tank last along time with single cylinder 540cc engine
-Vented deck improves cut quality
-Bagger works well
-3 Year Warranty


-Not a lot of attachments
-Lightweight may make for a bumpy ride
-Not very good on slopes
-Engine noise is a bit louder than others
-Belt and Pulley recall on older models
-No Hour Meter but can buy one separately
-No Trailer hitch option
-No Headlight option
-Countinuous complaints of belts jumping off



Husqvarna RZ4219 removable platformHusqvarna's decks have what they call “High Performance Air Induction Mower Deck”. This means that air is drawn in from the top and bottom of the deck which improves grass lift to deliver a clean cut. The 42 inch wide deck is made of 13 gauge stamped steel with 2 cutting blades with the capability of side discharge, bagging or mulching. Most owners say that the RZ4219 bags well. Cutting height is adjustable in 6 increments from 1.5” to 4” and is manually down by a hand lever.

Husqvarna RZ4219 Deck Washout PortsThe deck does not have any anti scalping wheels. However very few owners have complained about cut quality. Blade engagement is done via a PTO switch like all the other ZTR's on our top ten list. The foot pan platform is removable to access spindles, deck belts, pulleys and for easy clean up. Even though the Husqvarna RZ4219 does lack some features, the deck does come with a washout port to help facilitate blade and underneath deck cleaning.



The RZ4219 is the only ZTR on our top ten list powered by a single cylinder engine. It is the Briggs and Stratton Endurance Series 19 horse power vertical shaft engine. You might be wondering does the Husqvarna RZ4219 have enough power? Yes, the engine is sized just right and provides plenty of power for this mower. Remember you are not pulling anything with this mower and it is an entry level zero turn that will simply cut grass and do it well.

Click Here for more information about the engine on the Briggs and Stratton web site.



Husqvarna RZ4219 EZT transmissionFeaturing dual Hydro-Gear EZT transmissions the RZ4219 is easy to maneuver. These transmissions are not designed to pull anything heavy which is why Husqvarna doesn't offer a trailer hitch option for the RZ4219. The EZT transmissions are maintenance free. These transmissions are generally not good for tackling slopes, but with anything you could develop the skills to use any zero turn on slopes. Remember it is not recommended to use zero turn mowers on slopes more than 15 degrees. The lighter weight of the RZ4219 will make it difficult to maneuver slopes, however you can mow along the slope diagonally. The Husqvarna RZ4219 does have a lower center of gravity.



Steering is a breeze with the EZT transmissions once you learn how to use the control levers. The control levers have easy grip foam and are ergonomically designed. The parking brake lever is on the left side and easy to use. As with any traditional zero turn mower there is a bit of a learning curve for any first time operators. Check out the video section to view some how-to's and safety videos.


Husqvarna Zero Turn Mower SeatThe control levers are foam gripped and two way adjustable to help obtain optimal comfort. The 15 inch high back seat is adjustable and has optional arm rests sold separately. Arm rests will provide added comfort and help reduce muscle fatigue. Getting on and off is easy with adequate space between the steering console and seat for average sized operators. Taller people make find it a little more difficult. The lightweight design of the RZ4219 may also make for a little bit of a bumpy ride.



What Husqvarna RZ4219 Owners are saying

-”Cheap and cuts well.”

-”Great value”

-”I've had my RZ4219 for 3 years and only had 1 belt issue.”

-”The engine is on the noisy side”

-”My first zero turn and I love it”

-”I was impressed with the cut quality.”

-”I cut my 1 acre lot in less than 45 minutes.”

-”I had countless belt issues until a recall fixed it.”

-”I wish there was more attachments.”

-”The blades usually need sharpening annually.”

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