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Jacobsen Announces All-New Professional Series Mowers and Utility Vehicles


Jacobsen recently accounted a new commercial grade zero turn mower; the Jacobsen ZT Pro. This machine sounds like it'll be a very good mower for landscapers and professional turf groundskeepers alike to use. It's expected to be at the 2015 GIE Expo. Below are some of the specs and Press Release.


Jacobsen ZT Pro Overview

The new ZT Pro Series should be a favorite of turf professionals. It provides the power needed to handle any turf job with ease. Choose from 25 or 27 horsepower Kawasaki® FX engine or a fuel efficient 27 horsepower Kohler® EFI engine to power you up to 5.3 acres per hour. Offered in two cutting widths; 50 and 60-inches, decks can cut large volumes of grass and provide a more attractive manicured appearance.

  • Engine – Fuel efficient 27 horsepower Kohler® EFI engine to power you up to 5.3 acres per hour.
  • Deck Size – Offered in two cutting widths (50" and 60"), decks easily tackle large volumes of grass and provide a more attractive manicured appearance.
  • Superior Mulching – Add a Twist blade to the existing X-Blade to boost mulching performance.
  • Transxle Drivetrain – Hydro-Gear® pumps and Parker® wheel motors provide smooth and reliable steering.
  • Deck Spindles – Our standard commercial spindle with an added cooling fan that reduces the operating temperature of the belt and spindle while keeping the top-side of the deck clean.

Turf Pro Zero Turn Mower
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Jacobsen ZT Pro Specifications

12 Volt, 300cca
Digital display
Tachometer, voltmeter, service alerts
Fuel Capacity
16 gallons
Rear Tires
24 x 12-12 Grass Master
Front Tires
13 x 6.5-6
Welded 2 x 2 tube, 7 ga formed
Flip-up, steel
Suspension seat w/ armrest
Springer forks
Overall Length
Overall Length (rollbar down)
Overall Width
2750EFI: 54"
2760EFI: 65"
Overall Height
Overall Height (rollbar up)
2750EFI: 1104 lbs
2760EFI: 1215 lbs
2750EFI/2760EFI: Kohler® EFI
2750EFI/2760EFI: 27
2750EFI/2760EFI: 824cc
Air Cleaner
2 stage
Cooling System
Air cooled
Starting Motor
Hydro-Gear® 12cc
Wheel motors
Parker® DG240
Ground Speed
12 mph
Parking Brake
Automotive Style
Towing Capacity
500 lbs
Deck size
2750EFI: 50"
2760EFI: 60"
2750EFI: 4
2760EFI: 5.3
Cutting Height
1.5" – 5"
Discharge chute
Operator Controlled
Deck height adjustments
Manual lift, 1/4" increments
Deck engagement
Electric clutch
10 ga formed & welded
Top plate
7 ga bolted (not welded)
2750EFI: 3 – 17" x 2.5"
2760EFI: 3 – 20.5" x 2.5"
1.25" effective diameter machined shaft
Spindle housings
1pc keyless sealed cast iron
Spindle cooling fans
2750EFI: 1
2760EFI: 3
Anti-scalp rollers
Vented split 3/16" steel deep groove


Textron Inc. Press Release

Jacobsen, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, has announced the launch of the all-new Professional Series commercial-grade mowers and utility vehicles.

Built for a wide range of turf customers including municipal parks and green spaces, schools, airports, cemeteries, sports fields and golf courses, the new Professional Series mowers and utility vehicles includes three lines of zero-turn mowers and six different models of utility vehicles.

“One of our main goals with the launch of these exciting new products was to offer a wide range of options that satisfy many different categories of customer needs,” said Bryan Holby, product manager for Jacobsen. “The new mowers and utility vehicles offer a myriad of options in features, benefits and pricing that will appeal to everyone from large fleet owners to one-truck-and-trailer operations.”

Jacobsen says that the flagship of their new Professional Series is the RZT line of ride-on zero turn mowers, which provide the power and performance to handle any turf job with ease. The RZT mows up to 5.3 acres per hour with either a 25 or 27-hp Kawasaki FX engine or a fuel efficient 27-hp Kohler EFI engine.

Jacobsen says that their SZT stand-on mower packs power into a small footprint and features a 26-hp Vanguard engine and two different deck sizes. The new mower series is rounded out with the WZT walk-behind mower. The WZT features an 18-hp Briggs & Stratton engine and single or dual-drive drivetrain options.

The new Jacobsen utility vehicles are led by the gas-powered Truckster MS/MX, featuring a large capacity of 1,200 pounds and a top speed of 17 MPH. Jacobsen says that the available linked suspension on the MX model allows it to handle rough terrain with ease.

For customers needing a quiet, electric option, the Truckster MS-E/MX-E is powered with a 72-volt electric drivetrain and an capacity of up to 1,000 pounds.   

The gas-powered Truckster LS/LX offers an 800-pound capacity and a polyethylene bed that provides years of worry-free service.

“Today’s professional turf managers are being asked to take on more responsibilities and projects,” said David Withers, President of Jacobsen. “They need a wide range of maintenance tools to help them get the job done quickly and easily. That’s why we’ve expanded our product line to include nine more dependable machines to our portfolio of products.”

Jacobsen will be exhibiting these new products the 2015 GIE+EXPO, held October 21-23 in Louisville, KY.




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