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John Deere Tractor and Engine Museum Now Open

John Deere Tractor and Engine Museum Now Open


John Deere just opened it's museum in Waterloo, Iowa on December 2nd. There will be a grand opening celebration in the spring of 2015. The museum is located on the old site of the Waterloo Tractor Works. Their focus is to engage visitors in learning about John Deere's history of tractor, manufacturing and engine design. John Deere is the world's largest manufacturer of agricultural equipment. John Deere spared no expense making this a showplace with well designed high quality displays. The employees that are there to answer questions and escort tours are knowledgeable and friendly.



“Throughout its history, John Deere has remained focused on the success of customers whose work is linked to the land,” Hendershot said. “For 177 years, Deere has endured various economic cycles and this museum is a tribute to the resilience of John Deere employees and customers to weather both the good times and the bad.”


John Deere Tractor and Engine Muesum ReviewWhat the John Deere Museum has to offer


The John Deere Tractor and Engine Museum was nearly four years in the making. Besides just tractors there are many other interesting displays and exhibits showing history about the many aspects of the Waterloo facility. Near the entrance there is a theater showing a movie outlining the history of John Deere and the Waterloo facility. Along with the museum exhibits highlighting their rich history and role played in the dynamic growth of the tractor business John Deere now joins various other companies whom have attractions in the Midwest.




-2 Spoker D's
-Froelich Recreation
-Waterloo Boy
-730 Hi Crop
-The Dain
-Paint-ready tractor




-Making a Tractor: A new generation tractor is on display partially stripped down and dissembled to show the manufacturing process.


-Working the Land: This exhibit shows the evolution of farming from the back breaking work of only man power to the earliest days of mechanization and tractors.


-Why Waterloo: This area explains the purchase of the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company.


-Drive to Thrive: Here in his area shows how John Deere grew and has a lot of information about the involvement in World War Two.


-Product Spotlight: This area is predominantly a showcase for John Deere tractors, new and old.


-Employee Break Room: In this area it is dedicated to employees and information about the unionization of the plant.


-Into the World: This is the final area of the museum and is dedicated to the historical roles of the John Deere dealerships. There are also two tractors on display with rails for kids to climb on.


“Tractors and engines have been and continue to be important to John Deere’s success,” said Dawn Hendershot, Project Manager. “We are pleased to share the history of these products as part of our overall story as a technology leader and quality manufacturer.”


What Visitors are saying:


-”When Deere decides to do something, they do it first-class, and this museum is no exception. ”

-”Personally, I would have liked to see more tractors. But they used what space was available very well.”

-”I loved how Deere incorporated info about the old Waterloo facility.”

-”They did a pretty good job of selecting a nice variety to display.”

-”I was reminded of this places history by seeing the foot prints of the old machines in the polished concrete floors.”

-”It was kids friendly and my son loved it!”

-”My tour guide was great, our group learned so much.”


Museum Information


The John Deere Tractor and Engine Muesum is located in downtown Waterloo at 500 Westfield Avenue Waterloo, IA 50701. There are guided tours which are only $2 additional per person. The store museum features a huge selection of collectibles, toys and apparel. For more information call 319-292-5669 or visit their website. Click Here to visit John Deere's Muesum website.


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