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#3 John Deere Z235 42 inch Review 2018



John Deere has been around since the early 1800s and has always been a “household” name for lawn mowers. Their reputation and quality have always been high. Now for over 50 years John Deere has been building machines for residential use. The EZtrak Z235 is known for his quality, durability, comfort and to be one of the best entry level zero turn mowers on the market.


The Z235 cuts quickly and discharges clippings clean and evenly. You will not see any clumping as you might with many traditional single cylinder lawn tractors. There are plenty of accessories available to use with this zero turn mower that you should not have any problem tackling your yard work. This is a smaller zero turn so if your yard is much bigger than 2-3 acres this is probably not the zero turn for you. Check out some of the bigger zero turns available, the z235's big brother the John Deere Z255 48-inch, John Deere's Z425 54-inch, Ariens Max Zoom 60-inch or the Toro Time Cutter 50-inch. Due to the smaller size of the EZtrak Z235 weighting in at 459lbs, smaller riders may experience a slight lift when initially starting off. This can be offset with an attachment John Deere sells which is two 42lbs weights that mount to the front of the mower. These also come with the Bagger kit, so if you plan to use a bagger, just buy John Deere's Hopper attachment.


The 42-inch deck is stamped steel and strong enough for the average residential use. However on of the other problems due to the Z235 smaller size is that the wheel base and deck are virtually the same. This causes the rear wheels to come in contact with objects while making tighter turns. Just be careful while making tight maneuvers. After getting some operation hours under your belt maneuvers will become easier to execute.


John Deere EZtrak Z235 service interval sticker zero turn mowerFor all of you Zero Turn first time buyers maintenance is made easy by John Deere. Underneath the seat there are service interval decals that show what service is needed at which hours of operation. These will make it convenient for owners to keep up with all the recommended services which will prolong the life of the mower. Engine maintenance is easy as you will read below in the engine section. Features like this really make this a great option for first time zero turn mower owners.


John Deere EZtrak Z235 42 inch zero turn mowerJohn Deere EZtrak Z235 42-inch


Number three on our Top Ten Residential Zero Turn Mower list the EZtrak Z235 received an overall 4.6 out of 5.0 rating.
Features: 4.5/5
Quality: 4.8/5
Ease of Use: 4.7/5
Value: 4.7/5
This information was gathered from 212 consumer reviews.



Brand: John Deere
Manufactured By: John Deere
Model: EZtrak Z235
Item Number: BM24622
MRSP: $2,499.00
Buying Options: Online on Ebay or Authorized Dealers


When you buy the John Deere z235 from an authorized dealer near you most dealers will assemble and perform a complete inspection to ensure operation. At the time of delivery the Certified Professional will teach you on site how to operate and properly maintain the zero turn mower. This is one of the most valuable things for a first time Zero Turn owner.


If there is not a authorized dealer close enough you will have it shipped to you. You will have to take it out of the crate and get it ready to mow yourself. It’s not a big job. You’ll need a wrecking bar or heavy claw hammer to take the crate apart and a few hand tools to install the steering wheel, seat, grass deflector and battery.



Cutting Width: 42 inches
Acres per Hour: 2.45 acres @ 7mph
Top Speed: 7mph
Weight: 459lbs
Warranty: 2-year/120 hours bump-to-bumper whichever is first
Engine brand: Private label'd made by Briggs and Stratton
Horse Power/CC: 20hp/656cc
Height Cutting range: 1” – 4”
Fuel Capacity: 2.1 Gallons
Discharge: Side-discharge, Bagging or Mulching
Drive System: Duel Hydrostatic Hydro-Gear EZT 1-inch axles
Recommended for moderate slopes? Manufacture suggests flat to lightly slopped terrain
Mow in Reverse? Yes



John Deere EZtrak Z235 bagger zero turn mowerBagger System:

The Z235's bagging abilities are exceptional considering it's a lower end entry level mower. The bagging system is designed efficiently with clean operation in mind and easy to empty bags. Two durable bags that lift out with ease provide a generous 229 Liter capacity. No tools are required for installation which makes for seamless use and user friendly.



Seat Slide Kit:

Since the Z235 is a smaller mower the slide kit allows for 7 more inches of adjustments to allow for extra room for taller users. Most people say anyone over 6 ft tall could benefit. The adjustable seat slider kit also makes adjustments more convenient. It eliminates the need to otherwise lift the sit and take nuts and bolts off to manually adjust.



John Deere makes a dual headlight kit for the Z235 made with LED's. This provides a bright and clean way to light the pave in case of night time use.


Home Maintenance Kit:

John Deere makes a maintenance kit to help simplify for the Do It Yourselfers. The kit includes the Engine Oil Filter, 2 gt engine oil, Fuel Filter, Air Filter and 2 Spark Plugs needed to do services that are specified in the owners manual and Service Interval Sticker located under the operator seat.


Attachment bar and Hitch kit:

Some of the John Deere attachments require the attachment bar. Of course don't forget your hitch for rollers, dump carts, etc.



-Smooth easy to use controls.
-Rear tires have good tread for improved traction.
-Maintenance is easy.
-Deck wash makes for easy clean up of the cutting deck.
-Service Interval Sticker under the seat ensures you wont miss a service.
-Lower center of gravity makes it easy to go under tree branches and easier use on slopes.
-Comfortable adjustable high-back seat.
-Fast and easy to maneuverability.



-No fuel gauge.
-Tires are as wide as the 42 inch deck which makes tight maneuvers tricky.
-Smaller frame makes for an uncomfortable ride for taller operators, but there are attachments to help expand the adjustable area available.
-Lighter weight may cause some traction issues on wet grass or slopes.



John Deere EZtrak Z235 cutting deck zero turn mowerThe John Deere EZtrak Z235's 42-inch wide deck is made of 13-gauge stamped steel. It's 2 blade design spreads grass clippings evenly and does not usually have clumping issues. There is a mulching kit and bagger kit available for th EZtrak Z235. The deck cutting height is adjustable in 1/4-inch increments from 1 to 4 inches.


The foot platform comes off easily for easy accessibility to the top of the mower deck for maintenance and cleaning. There is also a John Deere EZtrak Z235 removeable deck foot platform zero turn mowerInspection Guide Decal on the foot platform to help you with checking the components of the deck. The deck wash port allows you to simply connect a garden hose to clean the inside of the desk. This eliminates the need to take the deck off and manually do it like on older traditional lawn tractors.





The John Deere private label'd Briggs and Stratton 20 horse power V-twin engine delivers good power with smooth operation. The over head valve design makes for more power and fuel economy. Cast iron cylinder walls make for long tasting durability. V-twin designs allow for less vibrations, greater torque and better sound quality. The V-twin is equipped with an electronic ignition for fast and painless starts. A full-pressure lubrication system helps deliver exceptional consent protection. This also helps oil distribution while operating on slopes.


John Deere EZtrak Z235 engine zero turn mowerAll of the maintenance points for the engine are easily accessible. Oil changes are a breeze with the no tool needed oil drain valve. John Deere ensures to cover its engines with an engine protection guard. A intake screen cover snaps to the engine cover to keep damaging debris from entering into the engine. The 2.1 gallon fuel cell is located on the left side of the mower. It's location is easy to get and features a closed pressurized system just like newer automobiles have to lower emissions. The cap is tethered to the mower to eliminate the chance of loosing it. The fuel spout is 2 inches wide to reduce the change of spills while refueling.


The battery and fuses are located in a covered compartment underneath the seat. This additional protection ensures debris will not mess up the electronics or corrode the battery. There is an additional storage compartment that could used to store keys, cell phone or small tools.


John Deere EZtrak Z235 EZT transmission zero turn mowerThe maintenance free Hydro-Gear EZT is both strong and reliable. John Deere designed the transmissions to be set low to improve the center of gravity which allows for excellent hillside stability. A tow valve control is provided for each transmission. They are located on the frame above each transmission. This allows for the Hydraulics to be disengaged so the mower can be moved freely without it running. Don't forget to re-engage these valves because the mower will not move otherwise.




Eleven inch pneumatic caster wheels make for easy steering and a smooth ride. The bearings of the caster wheels are sealed for a long lasting life. The control bars have shock absorbers built in to dampen the movement to make for smooth controllability. As with any traditional control lever zero turn mower there is a bit of a learning curve for first time operators. Check out the video section to view some how-to's and safety videos.



Operating the Z235 is both convenient and comfortable. Controls are color coded and easily visible from the operators seat. The controls are all on the same side so not need to look back and fourth while in operation. The parking brake is an easy to use, big, color coded orange, easy to reach and pull. Built in shock absorbers on the control bars help reduce muscle fatigue. Two steel coil springs under the seat absorb most of the shocks while going over rough terrain. Both the height of the seat as well as the back and forth movement of the sear are adjustable.



Steel construction of the frame and deck make it sure that the Z235 will last for years. John Deere's high quality engine built with durable parts is sure to last. Many say that a deere is that last mower they'll ever buy. For the entry level person with a smaller yard this is the right machine. Overall any homeowners with smaller yards or first time zero turn owners cannot go wrong with the John Deere EZtrak Z235 Zero Turn Mower. For the price when compared to other mowers in this price range, EZtrak brings unparallelled value and quality.

What John Deere EZtrak Z235 42 inch Owners are saying:


-”Upgrading from a D130, which I loved too, I found this mower awesome in design and functionality. “

-”My yard is hilly, so we went with the 42" to get a good even cut.”

-”I was still able to cut mow time down from 2 hours to 1.25”

-”Delivery guy was great and made sure I knew what I was doing before he left."

-”Haven't had this much fun cutting the grass since I was a kid.”

-”This is a belt driven unit, have had a stick pop up underneath and dislodge the belt, twice!”

-”I put a mulching kit on and it works very well.”

-”Great product only downfall is there's no gas gauge. Other than that I love it!!!”

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