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Low Center Of Gravity Gives Stand On Zero Turns Stability?

Low Center Of Gravity Give Stand On Zero Turns Stability?

Stand on zero turn mowers are gaining popularity mostly in the commercial landscaping world. However some homeowners use them for personal use as well. Their increased visibility, hillside stability and compact size all contribute to improved maneuverability over the traditional sit down zero turns.

Most of the stand on zero turn manufacturers make it a point to that while standing, the operator can easily shift their weight from one side to the other helping to counter an incline. Stand on zero turns also have a lowering center of gravity than traditional lawn tractors. This is reduce the possibilities of rolling or tipping over. Stand on zero turns also mow at speeds of 10-13mph. Landscaping professional s are fixated on the overall job completion rate.

Toro Grand Strand Stand On Mower On a Slope

Safety Precautions

Landscapers say that they have more confidence to tackle hilly properties. But, manufacturers continuously advice precautions while mowing on slopes. In the operator's manual of the Wright Stander ZK Mower it says :

“Do not operate the mower on slopes steeper than you can feel secure about the traction of the tires and the stability of the mower. Do not operate the mower on slopes at all when the grass is wet; there is a danger of suddenly sliding sideways or down the hill. When operating on a slope, travel across the grade whenever possible, not in an up or down pattern. Reduce speed and exercise extreme caution on slopes and in sharp turns to prevent tipping or loss of control. Be especially cautious when changing direction on slopes.”

Safety precautions like that are enlightening when you think about how nimble stand on zero turns are. One persons interpretation over an others of “feeling secure on a slope” is all in the operator's experience and operation comfort.


Manufacturers Advice

-Toro advises to never mow on grades steeper than 20 degrees with their GrandStand Stand On Mower. Now on Toro's sit down zero turns such as the TimeCutter they recommend not to mow on grades steeper than 15 degrees.
-Gravely says to never mow on grades steeper than 15 degrees with their Pro-Stance Stand On Mower.
-Dixie Chopper says to never mow on a slope of 5 degree sideways, 10 degrees while mowing uphill and 15 degrees while mowing downhill.


As you can see there are slight variations from one manufacturer to the next. Really this just shows the importance of safety while mowing on a slope. It's important to consult the safety section of your specific mower's operator's manual and follow the guidelines. Watch out for warning labels as well.


Basic Safety Reminders

-Respect the equipment you are operating.
-Always use caution and keep speed at a comfortable level.
-Be aware of your surroundings(drop-offs, ditches, water, wet grass, sticks, sprinklers, stumps, etc).
-Ensure drive tires are in goof working condition. This means both proper tread depth and inflation.

Wright Manufacturing recommends in the event that your stand on mower looses traction on a slope to abandon the mower by jumping off to the high side of the mower. This way you will not be in the path of the mower as it possibly tumbles down the slope.


To read about about CPSC Consumer Safety and OSHA Guidelines Click here to view our ROPS and Slope Safety Post.


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