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New Fuel Blends Confuse Consumers-Read Before You Pump Introduction

help writing my research paper Recent online national surveys conducted by Harris Poll for Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) show that consumers are not paying attention at the pump to the warning labels and simply just use whatever gas is cheaper. Consumers should regroup their thinking because buying the cheapest at the pump is actually more expensive over the long haul. Using the wrong type of fuel in your Outdoor Power equipment could significantly shorten the lifespan of your small engine powered equipment. Chainsaw's, Push Mowers, Riding Lawn Mowers, Zero Turn Mowers, Weed Eaters, Wood Chippers, Edgers, Jet Skis, Dirt Bikes, Snow Blowers, Generators and the list goes on. Consumers need to pay attention to all the new important variables now that Ethanol blended gas is the marketplace norm. Most small engine powered machines have not caught up the times with ethanol blended gasoline. Make sure you're using the correct fuel to prolong your small engine's lifespan.

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see Engine Damage Caused by Ethanol

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typewriter paper craft Ethanol Blended Fuels Are Damaging Engines
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go to site Ethanol Fuel Federal Law Assignment Help -By Federal Law, it is actually illegal to use ethanol fuel blends greater than 10% in outdoor power equipment.
-74% of Americans say they were unaware of this law to not use gasoline with a higher than 10% ethanol into their small engine powered outdoor equipment.
-48% of consumers said they fill their portable gas can for their outdoor equipment with the same fuel they use in their vehicles.
-Consumers also confessed to not paying much attention to the warning labels at the pump. What Consumers Notice At The Pump


home page -93% Notice Gasoline Price
-52% Notice Octane Level
-25% Notice Ethanol Content
-63% of American Consumers say they will use the least expensive grade of gasoline whenever possible. Most Outdoor Power Equipment works best with an Ethanol content of 10% or less. Some newer engines can operate on a 10% or higher ethanol content. Always read your equipment manuals before filling up. apa citation of thesis dissertation  

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us history regents essay Ethanol contains 33% less energy per gallon than regular gasoline. So using ethanol blended fuel actually causes your vehicle to attain fewer miles per gallon of operation than that of conventional gasoline. That means you will have to fill up more frequently while using ethanol blended fuel. Sure it's cheaper at the time of fill up, but it's actually more costly over the course of the tank.

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First you need to understand what fuel type is appropriate for the equipment your about to fill up. Reading your equipment's operating manual will help you understand their specific fuel recommendations. Second check the ethanol content of the fuel's available and ensure you pick whats best for your equipment engine. Do not select solely on price. Selecting the correct fuel will help protect your investment and lengthen the lifespan of it's engine.


persuasive speech on drugs What If 10% or less Ethanol Blended Gasoline Isn't Available?


Unfortunately for some consumers they cannot find gasoline blended with 10% or less Ethanol. Though this is rare, it's a possibility. This is were a Fuel Stabilizer comes in handy. One of the more popular ones is STA-BIL 22264 360 Performance with Vapor Technology -10 oz.. This product is designed to treat higher ethanol blended gasoline for use in small engines to prevent ethanol fuel related corrosion and helps remove water. Your small engine will run cleaner, leaner, smoother and be protected against premature wear caused by ethanol blended gasoline. Of course it isn't a bad idea to use a fuel stabilizer regardless of ethanol content.


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