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New Technology Gives Zero Turn Mowers Intelligence



There is no doubt that over the years technology has and continues to change our lives. It has especially changed the way we communicate with each other. New technological advancements are now effecting some zero turn mowers and improving operations at the same time. The most common currently is the implementation of EFI-electronic fuel injection on mowers engines. More so with commercial zero turns, but now technology is starting to produce smarter mowers with communication systems within key mower operations. It's much like how automobiles have On Board Diagnostics(OBD II) systems that make drivers aware of issues while also assisting mechanics in fixing the problems.


Smarter Zero Turn Mowers


Recently Toro has implemented their new technology call Horizon Technology on their EFI Z Master Professional 6000 Series zero turns. The Toro companies Horizon is a onboard system that allows for communication within important systems within the mower and relays information to be seen by the operator. This system will monitor oil pressure and temperatures. There is also three pre-set modes that operators can choose to maximize efficiency when variations in mowing conditions arise.


Is this Technology Really Needed?


Along with any type of technological advancements comes an increased price. Questions are brought up; “Do I really need to spend extra money on this technology?” Many owners of these more intelligent zero turns are saying “yes”. Current owners say the Horizon technology is beneficial especially in extreme mowing conditions where sometimes grass needs to cut that is several feet tall. For example in this situation you would select “Max Mode” and Horizon gets the mower running at RPM's where peak power is achieved while maximizing fuel efficiency instead of just running the mowers engine to max RPM. Owners of these new zero turns are pleased with the technology and say the extra expense at the time of purchase is made up for just in reduced fuel consumption alone. Read more information about Toro's Horizon Technology; Click Here.


Toro's subsidiary Exmark also offers a technology similar to Horizon called RED Technology. RED offers a few differences and Exmark has implemented this technology on several of their zero turn mowers. Read more about Exmark's RED Technology; Click Here.


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