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Protect Your Lawn and Kill Weeds with Natural Herbicides


Most everyone has weed problems at one point or another. There could actually be a problem with your lawn if it is dominated by weeds. Likely it could be bad lawn care practices, growing conditions, compaction, shade, low pH and cutting grass to short are all factors that allow weeds to thrive. Becoming more popular now more than ever are natural herbicide use instead of pesticides. Herbicide's are actually extracted plant hormones. The most common plants with these hormones are Juglans (walnuts), or the tree of heaven; other natural related chemical interactions are called allelopathy.



Natural Ways to Defend Your Lawn from Weeds

Just because they're natural herbicides doesn't mean they will not also kill good plants as well as kill weeds. So really they work the same like pesticides sharing the same liability. However use natural herbicides is healthier for consumption than using pesticides. The natural herbicides such as clove oil, fatty acids, pelargonic acid, ethanoic acid and acetic acid work best. The Acetic Acid is not the same type as you'd find in the vinegar you buy at the grocery store). Young annual types of weeds usually only require a handful or less applications. Well the more established heard perennial weeds will require several applications. Please remember to follow the instructions on all labels.


Alternative Way To Kill Weeds

Using boiling water on smaller weeds in cracks along sidewalks or in between concrete in the driveway is effective. But be aware that the perennial weeds will likely grow back. You could even use a flame propane powered torch to burn the weeds. This can be an effective way to kill weeds, but it's not recommended and highly dangerous due to flammable surroundings.


Killing Weeds On New Lawns

In new lawns the soil is actually the greatest source of weed seeds usually from the dirt's “previous life”. Planting during the proper season with adequate fertilizer use and proper grass is one of the most important practices to help minimize the weed problems. When new grass is planted at the right time this will allow seed to spread and root densely and mature before most weed plants would even start growing slightly later on in the season. This is were proper fertilization of newly seeded or sodded grass is extremely important in helping the grass-lings establish themselves. Using a “starter” fertilizer that is high in phosphorous will help new grass to start quickly, densely, and root deeply. Cutting the grass quickly after it has established it self and grown to 3 inches high will even help in controlling many weeds from ever starting. This helps the lawn to thicken up as it continues to establish itself.


Killing Weeds On Established Lawns

Using herbicides is one of the more practical ways to treat weed problems over larger areas. Many weeds can be difficult to pull by hand or just too time consuming. Hand pulling doesn't offer a 100% guarantee of ridding the lawn of the weeds either since weeds usually start in small persistent patches and usually continuously spread quickly.


Treating large areas is best done with sprayers or granules. These ensure good even herbicide distribution with minimal effort. If you a few single patches of weeds it is best to spot treat these bad areas. Some weeds such as plantain and dandelion may require a different treatment approach. In some cases were weeds are infesting an area in a high enough amount and overall treatment may not be enough. The infestation could be serious enough were you should consider renovating the lawn. Of course before using any herbicides check labels for the proper use and most effective time for application.


Hand Pulling Weeds

Weeds will even encroach into established lawns and another alternative way to weed control is to hand pull them. But hand pulling weeds could be a very long process even for the smallest lawns. Weeds are much easier to pull after a heavy watering. If you do decide to go the hand pulling root make sure you are removing the entire root system. Most perennial weeds will regenerate themselves if the entire plant is not removed from the ground.


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