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RED Technology Advances the Exmark Lazer Z X-Series Commercial Zero Turn

Exmark RED Technology


RED Technology significantly reduces mower wear and fuel consumption. This onboard monitoring system maximizes the performance in extreme cutting conditions and decreases the risk of serious engine damage when issues arise. Three different “modes” give operator's the choose to set the mower for maximum performance depending on the mowing conditions.


Along with enhanced safety and durability the RED system also includes a clutch saver feature. This will extend the life of the clutch by engaging and disengaging at designated RPM's regardless of the throttle position. This features also allows for on the fly PTO engagement. The RED-equipped zero turn's are also monitoring the vital components of the mower such as engine oil temperature, pressure and clutch status. If a problem arrives the monitoring system will place the mower into “safe transport” mode to reduce the risk of damaging the mower. Read more here about the Exmark RED Technology.



RED Performance Modes


Exmark Lazer Z X-Series RED Equipped PanalThe three modes allow for the appropriate amount of power to be used for the various situations at hand. While this allows for maximum efficiency it also protects the mower from possible damage during extreme uses. The 3 modes are chose by user selection of a three-position rocker switch.


“Max” mode delivers the maximum performance for the most extreme cutting conditions. The intelligent Horizon platform controls the mower to run at the proper RPM for peak power which improves fuel efficiency instead of just running at wide open throttle like a conventional mower. Some owners say that this mode allows them to cut through 5 foot tall fields without ever stopping or bogging down.


“Economy” mode makes for great overall performance in normal cutting conditions. This mode is best for fuel consumption, engine noise, minimal emissions output and minimizes overall wear for all mower components.


“Low” mode is best when mowing in thick or wet conditions. This will help reduce bogging, discharge clumping and deck packing.


Exmark Lazer Z X-Series EFI


The EFI allows for an electronic governor stops the engine from over revving and allows for a consistent engines speed which helps maintain consistent cutting blade tip speed. This results in a superior cut quality. Electrically controlled governors are much faster at responding to commends than manual spring-operated ones. The RED-equipped Lazer has a powerful Kohler Command EFI 999cc engine. Exmark's Series 6 Ultra-Cut deck cuts are clean, crisp, even and show high quality. The vacuum effect is so noticeable and it helps discharge with no clumps and very little-if any-double cutting 12-inch or higher cutting situations.

“Our testing reveals a substantial increase in engine responsiveness, especially in heavy, wet cutting conditions on RED-equipped mowers," Swanson continues. "Customers will of course enjoy the added fuel efficiency as well, and with user-selectable performance modes, they can choose the right mix of performance and efficiency for any conditions.”


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