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Tire Chains: Metal vs. Rubber Comparison

research papers on linguistics Tire chains or snow chains are devices that fit vehicle tires to provide maximum traction when driving through ice and snow. Even drivers who are accustomed to icy and snowy driving conditions should have tire chains handy to maintain driving control on highways and mountain roads.

bestessay Installing tire chains is relatively easy, unless you are dealing with rubber slats. However, when the need arises, you have to be able to do so. Once you have fitted your tire chains, you are now ready to keep on driving through snowy terrain. Tire chains, which come in metal and rubber variants, are in various sizes to fit any tire size.

home page Examples of tire chains include the get Peerless Tire Chains for 20 x 10.00 x 8, which is made of metal, and TerraKing’s page TerraGrips Tire Chains 20×8-8 [ST90001], which is made of rubber. Which are the better tire chains? The metal or the rubber variant? Moreover, the tire chains may be used on lawn mowers, tractors, and snow throwers.

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home page Tire Chains for 20 x 10.00 x 8 by Peerless

essay proofreading service uk Peerless Tire Chains for 20 x 10.00 x 8Peerless’ Tire Chains for 20 x 10.00 x 8 are made of metal and are meant to fit snow blowers and garden tractors. Additional traction is provided for the chains to be used in bad winter conditions. The zinc-plated chains utilize two-link spacing for cross chains. The product set, which weighs a combined 19.9 pounds, contains two items – one tire chain for each of the equipment’s tires.

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get Tire Size The Peerless set provides excellent traction in snow conditions. The zinc-plating adds to the product’s durability. The tire chains fit the following tire sizes: 20×10.00×8, 20×9.00×10, 20×10.00×10, 22x10x8, and 21x8x10. The chains fit a minimum tire size of 20×9.00×10, while they fit a maximum tire size of 22x10x8.

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research papers nursing theories How They’re Constructed

go to link The link type of the Peerless tire chains is the twist link. Such link types give the product excellent traction in deep mud or snow. Twist links also provide sufficient grip on the ice. Twist links also offer a ride that is relatively smooth. The product’s rounded edges also limit jarring.

arbeitsplan dissertation The Peerless tire chains’ chain pattern is of the ladder type. The chains here only cross over the tire tread in a horizontal manner. As you drive your equipment forward, you may notice excellent stopping power and grip. The Peerless tire chains are made of low-carbon steel that is priced economically and is durable.

writing an annotated bibliography Installation

enter site The Peerless tire chains are manually-adjusted chains and require several steps to install. First off, you can lay out the chains and drive your garden tractor or snow blower over the chains. You may also drape the chains over the tires and drive the equipment forward. Both methods should be effective in positioning the chains. Afterwards, you need to hook the tire chains in place. Drive again forward to line the chains up and tighten them further. The manual chains are relatively affordable. Thus, such tire chains are preferable if you use them occasionally and you just want a spare pair of tire chains when they’re needed.


source site Warranty Information

page The tire chains have to be installed properly. Otherwise, ill-fitting chains and the improper chain installation may decrease the traction device’s performance. The manufacturer offers a limited 90-day warranty.

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custom essay writing service toronto custom resume writing in canada What Consumers Are Saying about Metal Tire Chains by Peerless


go TerraGrips Tire Chains 20x8-8 [ST90001] by TerraKingTerraKing’s TerraGrips Tire Chains 20×8-8 [ST90001] is made of recycled rubber that is environment-friendly and is meant to improve traction in various conditions, including snow, mulch, paver, gravel, asphalt, and grass.


The rubber slats provide excellent grip and they also protect the driving surface from damage. The rubber also offers extra durability. The material also prevents tire wear that may be caused by exposed steel chains.




Installation is relatively easy and you don’t need tools to install the 10.3-pound TerraKing set on the tires of your tractor, lawnmower, or snow blower. The product is made in the United States and its plated-steel components are resistant to rust.


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The manufacturer recommends 2 inches of clearance all around the tire to use TerraGrips tire chains safely. Conventional tire chains that are too close to frame members, fenders, and etc. may cause the chains to snag. This may damage your tractor or the tire chains.

You may also not use the TerraGrips tire chains at speeds above 10mph. When installing the rubber tire chains, take note that the rubber slats do not easily slide across the tire’s rubber tread like conventional tire chains do. You may have to work every rubber slat into place in the sequence around the tire to get a tight and good fit.

Moreover, you may use the TerraGrips set on all tread types found generally on riding lawn equipment, including the R4 (lug-type) tires.


next Sizing Information

Determining the tire size is important before you get tire chains. On the tire’s side, you will find the model number and manufacturer’s name together with the required inflation pressure (measured in PSI). The sizing information can be identified by a number series like 16×6.50-8 (three number system) or 8.00-6 (two number system).

When selecting your TerraGrips tire chains, know the tire’s overall height and the tire’s width. Rim size may be considered, but it’s not as critical. If you select a tire chain set that matches the width and overall height, the tire chains may fit without issue.

If there’s no exact match, choose a tire chain set that is slightly larger. Never choose the smaller size as it may not fit properly. With a slightly larger size, you can still adjust the tire chains.


go Types of Conditions They are Optimal For

source The TerraGrips Tire Chains 20×8-8 [ST90001] may be used all year round, and the product offers an alternative solution to tire chains made of conventional stainless steel. Instead of digging into the ground surface, the rubber belts offer a firm grip. Chipping, scratching, and general tire wear is eliminated. The tire chains are best used on rough ground surfaces.

However, the rubber chains cannot be used on icy conditions, as the rubber’s smooth surface may not provide enough traction for the ice’s equally smooth surface. website for homework help Warranty Info

TerraKing offers a one-year warranty on the TerraGrips Tire Chains 20×8-8 [ST90001].

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here What Consumers Are Saying about Rubber TerraGrips Tire Chains



enter Conclusion

The Peerless metal tire chains and the TerraGrips rubber tire chains have both their pros and cons. The Peerless set is more suited for snow and ice, and installation is easier.The installation of the TerraGrips takes longer, which is due to its rubber construction. While the rubber TerraGrips is more durable and kinder to the ground surface, it may not be used off-road.