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Top 5 Best Natural Concentrate Fertilizers

go to link Plants, just like people, need the right kind of food in order to grow strong and healthy. Their food can come from the soil naturally or through the care of gardeners who are tending to them. The former are more likely to occur in forests and places where people don’t normally inhabit. The latter is what will be discussed here.  

home page What is a fertilizer? A fertilizer is a source of food for the plant. It supplies their needed nutrients in order to grow properly. Lack of proper nutrients can lead to discolored leaves, tiny produce and more. I Need Help Writing A Scholarship Essay Fertilizers can be made of natural or synthetic materials and when applied to plant can make them bloom faster, yield bigger produce and maintain perfect appearance as in the case of lawn grasses. They provide the nutrients that are lacking from the soil the plants are located. Fertilizers made from synthetic materials are sometimes called miracle workers because most plants that get these kinds of fertilizers somehow miraculously get revived even if they are on the brink of death. But there is a catch. Plants that used fertilizers made from synthetic material are often laden with harmful chemicals. When these plants are ingested by anyone it can cause illness and food poisoning.   

write acknowledgements master thesis Organic fertilizers on the other hand are collected from different natural organic source including wood shavings, freshly cut grass, animal droppings and some natural compost. When organic fertilizers are made, the manufacturers blend many kinds of different organic substances to come up with the right kind of combination that can make plants grow better. The only setback with this kind of fertilizer is that it often smells really bad mainly because of the animal dropping component. Despite the smell, natural organic fertilizers often yield huge amounts of products and are better at maintaining lawns.

Write An Essay For A Scholarship 5 of the Best Organic Fertilizers in the Market

More and more people are now recognizing the benefits of using natural concentrate fertilizers. As the demand grows a lot of new ‘organic’ fertilizers are showing up on gardening shops. But these fertilizers are often priced higher than regular fertilizers are.

view The overpricing of organic fertilizers can turn gardeners off to organic lawn care methods altogether. Good thing there are still some real natural concentrate fertilizers that are not that expensive and that gardeners can rely on. Here are 5 of the best natural concentrate fertilizers available in the market today: Writing Literature Papers  

primary homework help river severn 1. Alaska Fish Fertilizer 5-1-1 Concentrate

Alaska Fish Fertilizer 5-1-1 Concentrate is made from dried up fish. Since this kind of fertilizer uses only fish, you can be assured that it is safe for you. It is great for both indoor and outdoor plants. The three digit number found in the packaging of the fertilizer are corresponds to nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. This means that Alaska Fish Fertilizer 5-1-1 Concentrate is made of 5% nitrogen, 1% phosphorous and 1% potassium. To use this product, you can dilute 4 tablespoons of this product to 1 gallon of water. For fertilizing shrubs and perennials, it is recommended that 3 tablespoons instead of 4 are used. You can apply the fertilizer directly on the plant using a pump sprayer. You can also include it in a hose sprayer. Fertilize every three to four weeks as needed. This is a fairly inexpensive fertilizer at only almost $7 a quart. This quart can go a long way depending on how much garden you need to fertilize.

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enter 2. Super Natural Liquid Lawn Fertilizer (8-0-2) by Dr. Earth

Dr. Earth has continuously been providing high quality organic fertilizers since they started in the fertilizer business. Their Super Natural Liquid Lawn Fertilizer (8-0-2) is no different. The Super Natural Liquid Lawn Fertilizer (8-0-2) contains nutrients and prebiotics that keep your lawn healthy. It is 100% organic and does not contain GMOs and chicken manure. It is safe for pets and children. buy to let business plan uk To use this product, simply attach it to a hose and spray on your lawn. It is so easy to use. It works even on newly seeded lawns. It feeds for longer months and is great for almost all kinds of plants in the garden. This product is fairly inexpensive at less than $20 for a 32 ounce bottle.

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follow link 3. Ferti-Lome Centipede Lawn Fertilizer 15-0-15

The Ferti-Lome Centipede Lawn Fertilizer 15-0-15 comes in a 20lb bag that is perfect for big lawns. One package can fertilize up to 5,000 square feet. It uses a slow release formulation that allows the product to distribute the nutrients a few doses at a time for continued fertilization. It also contains traces of Iron and other elements that help produce green, healthy grass. Ferti-Lome Centipede Lawn Fertilizer 15-0-15 can be used on centipede lawns, bluegrass and other perennials like Bermuda. Check the label for a full list of grasses.

how to write a college compare and contrast essay To use this product, simply sprinkle the product on your lawn. Do not water the product. If you expect heavy rains throughout the day, postpone fertilizing the lawn with this product. The Ferti-Lome Centipede Lawn Fertilizer 15-0-15 costs less than $20 for a 20lb pack.

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link 4. Down To Earth Organic Bio-Turf 8-3-5 Fertilizer Blend

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Another major player in the organic fertilizer business is Down to Earth. They make high quality blended fertilizers made using only the best products. It is environmentally friendly and is effective at ensuring that plants grow strong. It provides slow and steady nutrient release which encourages deep root development.

economics phd dissertation proposal To use this product, simply sprinkle about 5-10lbs of per 1,000 square feet every 3 months. The Down To Earth Organic Bio-Turf 8-3-5 Fertilizer Blend comes in a 50lb pack which is a bit pricey versus other organic fertilizers featured here. The price of this product is less than $150. For most gardeners, this could be a steep price.  

essay writers in st louis mo 5. Safer Brand Ringer Lawn Fertilizer

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For lawns that have seen better days, the Safer Brand Ringer Lawn Fertilizer can be used to bring back proper balance to the soil where the grass is growing. It promises greener and healthier lawn in just 3 -5 days. It prevents patch disease in grass to ensure that your lawn stays green.

link Use in cool or warm season with the following types of grasses:

go site Kentucky Bluegrass Perennial Ryegrass

source St. Augustine Grass

Bermuda Grass

Centipede Grass

Tall Fescue

This is also another organic fertilizer that’s on the expensive side. A 25lb bag can set you back almost $50.   


Spending a little bit more on natural fertilizers can serve you well over the long term.  You will have a beautiful lawn with healthy and green grass and at the same time avoid causing harm to the environment by using natural products.