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#8 Toro TimeCutter SS4260 42 inch Review 2018



Making our list at number 8 the Toro TimeCutter SS4260 42-inch shares some of the great exclusive features with our #2 mower the Toro TimeCutter SS5000 that are perfect for many homeowners landscaping needs. The line of attachments is vast which allows homeowners to literately do anything that a professional can do. Unlike most other residential zero turn mowers Toro equips their Time Cutter and MX mowers standard with a tow hitch.


Toro's TimeCutter stands apart from the rest of the mowers on our Top Ten Residential Zero Turn Mower list with Toro's Smart Speed System. This feature allows you to choice two speed settings which utilize the best combination of speed and torque depending on the job at hand. The Mow and Go setting allows the mower to operate at it's full speed of 7mph and is intended to be used for simply cutting the grass. The Trim and Tow setting doesn't allow the mower to go any faster than 4mph which puts the mower and transmissions in the best power range to tow attachments without tearing up the transmissions. This is also an optimal setting to use for the less experienced users or for the tighter areas of the yard.


Toro TimeCutter Smart Speed zero turn mowerSmart Speed is completely exclusive to the Toro Zero Turn Mower lineup. Like the Ariens Max Zoom the Toro Time Cutter is backed by an exceptional 3-year consumer unlimited hours warranty. This shows that Toro stands behind the quality of it's product. Very few residential zero turns have this kind of warranty which is one of many reasons the Toro Time Cutter is one of the top choices for homeowners.



Toro TimeCutter ss4260 zero turn mowerToro TimeCutter SS4260 42-inch

Number eight on our Top Ten Residential Zero Turn Mower list the Time Cutter SS4260 42-inch received a 4.4 out of 5.0 rating.
Features: 4.2/5
Quality: 3.9/5
Ease of Use: 4.4/5
Value: 4.1/5
This information was gathered from 146 consumer reviews.





Brand: Toro
Manufactured By: Toro
Model:Time Cutter SS4260 42-inch
Item Number: 74626
MRSP: $3,199.00
Buying Options: Online on Ebay or authorized Dealers


When you buy the Toro TimeCutter from an authorized dealer near you most dealers will assemble and perform a complete inspection to ensure operation. At the time of delivery the Certified Professional will teach you on site how to operate and properly maintain the zero turn mower. This is one of the most valuable things for a first time Zero Turn owner.


If there is not a authorized dealer close enough you will have it shipped to you. You will have to take it out of the crate and get it ready to mow yourself. It’s not a big job. You’ll need a wrecking bar or heavy claw hammer to take the crate apart and a few hand tools to install the steering wheel, seat, grass deflector and battery.



Cutting Width: 42 inches
Acres per Hour: 2.45 @ 7mph
Top Speed: 7mph
Weight: 495lbs
Warranty: 3-year unlimited hours
Engine brand: Kohler or Kawasaki
Horse Power/CC: 23hp/725cc or 21.5hp/726cc
Height Cutting range: 1.5-4.5”
Fuel Capacity: 3 gallons
Discharge: Side, Mulching or Bagging
Drive System: Hydrostatic
Recommended for moderate slopes? Flat terrain to moderate slopes
Mow in Reverse? Yes



Dump Carts:

Great for hauling mulch, dirt or for picking up yard debris, etc. There are two dump carts available for TimeCutter.


Model # PCT-10BH
-10 Cu Ft. Capacity.
-15 x 6 pneumatic tires.
-Hands free steel pedal provides easy emptying.
-Cart made of polymer to keep weight down which makes towing easier, and it wont rust or dent.
-56 degree dumping bed makes the dumping easy and ensures keeping materials in the cart without them falling out.


Model # PCT-17BH
-17 cu Ft. Capacity.
-16 x 6.5 pneumatic tires.
-Solid steel axle.
-Hands free steel pedal provides easy emptying.
-Cart is made of polymer which keeps weight down, makes towing easier, and it will not rust or dent.
-45 degree dumping bed makes dumping easy while also keeping materials in the cart.


Lawn Turf Sod Roller:

Rollers help level your lawn or pack down sod. This helps eliminate things like mouse holes, mounds, ant hills, divots or smooth out the uneven surfaces. These rollers can use either water or sand. The following town rollers are available for the TimeCutter.


Model # PRC-24BH
-28 Gallon capacity.
-24 Inch roller width.
-Can be towed or pushed.
-Compact design to use in tight areas or smaller yards.
-Fill hole is extra large to allow quicker filling and emptying.
-Roller is made of Polymer so it will not dent or rust.
-While empty and not in use it is light enough to hang up for storage.


Model # PRC-36SBH
-42 Gallon capacity.
-36 Inch roller width.
-Larger design makes this great for larger yards or open areas.
-Extra large fill hole allows for easier and quicker filling and emptying.
-Roller is made of polymer which mean it wont rust or dent.
-When empty it is light enough to hang for storage purposes.



Spreaders are used to spread fertilizers, minerals or grass seed into your lawn. These ensures a fast and even distribution and there are two sizes available for the TimeCutter.


Model # BS-26BH
-2.5 Cu ft. 125lbs capacity.
-Hopper made of polymer which wont rust or dent.
-6:1 ratio glass filled nylon provides high speed extra wide spreading.
-Gearbox is fully enclosed and maintenance free.
-Interior hardware is stainless steel, the agitator and shaft will not rust or corrode.
-Controls are easy to reach and the settings lock which eliminates handle controls getting out of adjustment while in use.


Model # BS-36BH
-3.5 Cu ft. 175lbs capacity.
-Polymer made hopper will not dent or rust.
-Tubeless pneumatic 14” x 4” tires provide a smooth tow.
-High Speed 6:1 ratio glass filled nylon provides extra wide spreading even at low speeds.
-Gearbox is fully enclosed and maintenance free.
-Interior hardware is stainless steel, the agitator and shaft will not rust or corrode.
-Controls are easy to reach and the setting lock which eliminates handle controls getting out of adjustment while in use.



Aerators are designed to put holes in your lawn, this allows nutrients and water to absorb better into the lawn. Professionals suggest to aerate twice a year. They are available in Plug or Spike styles. There are several aerators available and some are even both an aerator and spreader in one.



This tow behind is good to use in the spring time after a long winter. Dethatcher's help kick up and pull old stuck leaves, dead grass and weeds. This can prevent grass from choking in the spring and makes for a healthy lush start to growing season. There is a 40-inch wide and 48-inch wide Dethatcher available.


Cargo Carrier:

Toro's cargo carrier works perfect for hauling up to 100lbs of soil and mulch bags, garden tools, rocks, etc…. Great for homeowners that have limited storage or aren't comfortable using a trailer. So no having to worrying about “jack-knifing” a trailer. A front weight kit is required so the zero turn doesn't tip.


Twin Bagger:

The twin bags have of a capacity of 8 bushels. They remove easily for quick emptying. Bagging is the way to go when wanting a crisp, clean and professional looking manicured lawn. The bagger works perfect while cutting the grass to pick up clippings or while mowing over leafs in the fall to clean up the yard one last time before winter.


Recycler Mulch Kit:

Toro's Recycler Mulch kit is a patented system that will help your lawn to be greener and healthier. This system cuts the grass 6-8 times into fine little clippings. These clippings will fertilize your yard. This unique mulching design utilizes “kickers” and baffles that redirect the clippings back into the cutting blades multiple times before dropping them into your lawn. The kit includes the mulching blades, side-discharge plug, installation hardware and deck battles.


Rubber Floor Mat:


The rubber floor mate helps protect the platform and provides a slip resistant surface incase of wet conditions. These mats help reduce deck noise, vibrations and cushion your feet while mowing.


Foot Assist Height-of-cut system:

This foot pedal attaches to the platform near the front of the mower. It's linked to the deck which helps you adjust cutting height quickly to avoid hitting objects and/or scalping while mowing. The foot assist is also great to use while adjusting cut height. Simply push down on the pedal with your foot holding the deck up while adjusting the cut height.


Hour Meter Kit:

Unfortunately Toro doesn't make Hour Meters a standard on the Time Cutter. Weather they don't think it is needed due to their quality or that they don't think it is needed on residential applications is for us to guess. The warranty is unlimited hours, however it is suggested to use an Hour Meter to help keep up with maintenance. It's worth the investment to keep the TimeCutter in peak operating condition and prolong it's lifespan even more.


Lawn Stripping Kit:

This is a very unique attachment not seen in any of the other brands in our Top Ten Residential Zero Turn Mowers list. Now homeowners can really get the professional look that you maybe looking for. This method is the exact same method used by the professionals to create stripes, waves, checkers or other designs on your lawn. The Lawn Stripping Kit simply hooks to the TimeCutters hitch.


-Tow hitch comes standard.
-Smart Speed System.
-Vast line of attachments.
-2 Anti-Scalp wheels.
-Parking brake built into control bars.
-18” High back seat.
-Engine Guard.
-See Through gas tank level window.
-Washout ports on both sides of deck.
-3 year unlimited hours warranty.



-Hour Meter not equipped from factory.
-No Headlight Options.
-Seat Armrest are not standard.
-Deck is not fabricated.


Toro TimeCutter ss4260 deck zero turn mowerToro TimeCutter SS4260 is equipped with a 2 blade 42-inch wide cut. Blade engagement is done with an electric PTO. It is made of a rust resistant stamped steel featuring a 4 inch deep dome and top discharge design. While mowing you can either side-discharge, mulch or bag grass clippings. The deck cutting height ranges from 1.5” to 4.5” with 7 cutting positions available. Both of the deck wheels are made of an anti-scalp design that also ensure even cutting eliminating grounding of the mower deck.





Toro's TimeCutter SS4260 is available with two engines, either the 21.5 horse power Kawasaki or 23 horse power Kohler.


Kawasaki FR651V:

The Kawasaki engine delivers 21.5 horse power. This zero turn is a little bit more with the kawasaki engine. Many people prefer Kawasaki due to it's history and durability. The FR651V is a 2 cylinder V-twin forced air cooled vertical shaft over head valve engine. Kawasaki engines deliver smooth, efficient, quiet and reliable engines. Click Here for more information about the Kawasaki FR651V engine.


Kohler KT730 7000 Series:

Kohler's 7000 series engines deliver a powerful commercial grade engine with smooth and quieter than ever performance. The V-Twin 23 horse power air cooled virtual shaft engine is just like what the pros use without the big price tag. Cast iron cylinder walls and pressure lubricated protection help prolong the engine's life. Maintenance is a breeze with all the maintenance points being located in the same area and are easy to get to. Click Here for more information about the Kohler KT730 7000 series engine.


Toro TimeCutter ss4260 hydro transmission zero turn mowerThe Toro TimeCutter SS4260 comes with dual hydrostatic drive system. Push the control bars in whatever direction you want to go in and the transmissions will engage with ease. Dual hydrostatic systems deliver smooth and responsive maneuverability. These are know to provide years of dependable performance. Hydrostatic transmissions are the most common on residential zero turn mowers.





The steering system has a built in parking brake. While the control bars are swung out the parking brake is engaged automatically and when they are swung back in the parking brake is disengaged. The control bars have dampers that help provide smooth operation and prevent jerky movements. As with any traditional zero turn mower there is a bit of a learning curve for any first time operators. Check out the video section to view some how-to's and safety videos.


Toro TimeCutter ss4260 seat zero turn mowerThe 18 inch high back seat provides great back support that helps ensure better posture. Thickly cushioned seat will allow for hours of comfortable mowing time. The control bars are thickly padded as well. The seat is built with shock absorbing springs and is adjustable along with the control bars so that almost any sized person can be comfortable. All of the basic controls on the right side for ease of use.




What Toro TimeCutter SS4260 Owners are saying:



-”This is my second summer mowing with it, I have enjoyed every time I have used it, very easy to start, very easy to learn the controls, at full speed it cuts just as if you are standing at one place, so cutting is great, use of low gear helps a lot going down hill on my lawn. Great product. I love it.”

-”Purchased this mower in June 2010. I mow several yards and this has been a great product. This was my first zero turn and absolutely love it. Has held up well even for as much mowing as I do with it. I use it at least 5 hours of mowing time a week and sometimes in rough terrain.”

-”I recommend this mower to anyone spending more than 1 hour mowing each week.”

-”It's a great mower. If you have never used a Z-turn it will be a great experience. I've used x-mark lazer z and a bad boy and this one is just as good.”

-”his machine has one of the best cuts I've had on a lawn mower.”

-”It took an hour or two of use before I got really proficient in guiding the Toro Timecutter to cut exactly where I wanted, it's been a huge timesaver, both for cutting the grass and picking up leaves.”

-”Machine is easy to use and mows very fast.”

-”The comfortable high back seat, leg room, especially quiet muffler on the Kawasaki engine, foot pedal deck height control make for a less tiring ride. The sealed spindles have held up well for the two seasons used.”

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