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Toro’s Z Master Zero Turn Is Now Smarter Than Ever Before

Toro's Horizon Technology

Currently being offered on it's Z Master Pro 6000 EFI zero turn mowers is a fairly new onboard intelligence system. Using a simple 3 position rocker switch allows operator's to select what mode they need for whichever cutting situation they're in.



“Max” mode delivers the maximum performance for the most extreme cutting conditions. The intelligent Horizon platform controls the mower to run at the proper RPM for peak power which improves fuel efficiency instead of just running at wide open throttle like a conventional mower. Some owners say that this mode allows them to cut through 5 foot tall fields without ever stopping or bogging down.



“Economy” mode makes for great overall performance in normal cutting conditions. This mode is best for fuel consumption, engine noise, minimal emissions output and minimizes overall wear for all mower components.



“Low” mode is best when mowing in thick or wet conditions. This will help reduce bogging, discharge clumping and deck packing.


Onboard Monitoring System


Toro Z Master 6000 Horizon PanalBesides maximizing performance and efficiency the Horizon platform also monitors the engine's oil temperature and pressure. If an issues arises indicator lights alert the operator that there is a issues. After an issue is noticed by the system the mower will then go into “safe mode”. This is to help reduce the risk of serious damage to the machine and/or it's engine.






Toro Z Master Professional 6000 EFI


The Z Master combines the Horizon system with a Kohler Command Pro EFI engine with 34 horse power. EFI allows for an electronic governor that helps maintain consistent cutting blade tip speeds while not allowing the engine to over rev. Also EFI will increase fuel economy compared to a conventional carbureted engine. Underneath the Z Master comes with Toro's exclusive Turbo Force cutting deck and is available with 60-inch and 72-inch deck widths. The cutting decks are made of a thick and durable 7 gauge steel with cast iron spindle housings. The Z Master's are known for achieving extremely fast cutting speeds and cut quality.


Along with the Horizon Onboard System the Toro Z Master Pro would be a great choice for any large land owners or landscapers.


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