First Time Buyer GuideThings to consider before Buying a Zero Turn Mower!

Why are Dixie Chopper Zero Turn Mowers So Fast? cheap resume services The Dixie Chopper, tagged as the World’s Fastest Lawn Mower, carries out product lines that have superior quality. More than the speed, its mowers are reliable and will last for a long time. The company’s founder, Art Evans, wanted to produce the best mowers that will give their clients the kind of quality that will exceed what they have paid for. essay writing service illegal The idea of developing the best mower came about while Evans was working in his barn situated near Greencastle, Indiana. The first Dixie Chopper was created in 1980, which started a revolution in the garden industry. It was the first to develop the first zero-turn mowers that were created to specifically cater to commercial mowing contractors. dissertation sur la loi des douzes tables Up to this day, the company continues to become an industry leader when it comes to quality and innovation. Dixie Chopper Wheelie Public Service Essay Papers To prove its speed and performance, Eli Kean, the company’s marketing manager, set the Guinness World Record for the “Largest Area of Grass Mowed by a Single-Deck Ride-On Lawn Mower in 24 Hours” in 2014. He used a Dixie Chopper XCaliber 3574 to continuously mow around 106.14 acres of the Molly Caren Agricultural Center in London, Ohio.

How do the Dixie Chopper mowers cut grass fast and efficient?  This is all due to the built of each mower. To get an idea about where each mower gets the power that is worthy of a Guinesss record, here’s a look at the company’s currently available models:


credible sites for research papers Residential (Zero-Turn Mowers)

source url 1. Zee 2 – The big decks and big engines make this the best mower in its class.

  • It comes in five models with the engine makes from Kawasaki, Kohler, and Briggs & Stratton. Each model runs on a 23-horsepower, which can cover 3.1 acres per hour.
  • It has Hydro-Gear Transaxles (Hydro-Gear ZT-2800) that come with an external oil filter that are easy to maintain and last for a long time.
  • This comes in three cutting widths – 54”, 48” and 42”. The elite cutting system of the mowers is able to cut grass in large volume that look neat and attractive.
  • The mowers have low profile motorcycle tires with tread that leave out smooth caster turns.
  • The mowing height can be adjusted due to its 7-stage deck height.
  • It has a quick-lift lock that makes it easy to raise the deck and lock it once you have adjusted the mower to your ideal travel height.

follow site follow site 2. Magnum – This compact sized mower is packed with superior speed, performance, and power.

  • It comes in four models with the engine makes from Kawasaki and Kohler. These models run from 22 to 25 horsepower, which can cover 3.2 to 3.9 acres per hour.
  • It has Hydro-Gear Transaxles (Hydro-Gear ZT-3200).
  • This comes in two cutting widths – 50” and 60”. It has the X2 cutting system, which employs the combination of the X-Blade Technology and an overlap of 2-inch blade. This provides a clean cut of the grass.
  • This is made to conquer the hardest mowing jobs.
  • A Twist blade can be added to speed up its mulching performance.

go to site The mowers can be upgraded by adding a striping kit, a patented Operator Controlled Discharge Chute, or a set of Springer Forks.

Help Writing A College Essay Light Commercial Use (Walk-Behind, Stand-On and Zero-Turn Mowers) forgot my homework excuses 1. Pursuit Walk-Behind

  • It comes in four models with the engine make from Kawasaki that run on a 15-horsepower.
  • You can choose between a Single Drive and a Dual Hydro-Gear EZT Transaxle.
  • There are three compact deck sizes to choose from – 44”, 36” and 32”. All these can be precisely maneuvered even in tight areas.
  • The dual drive models are equipped with a light kit, which will help you to finish your job from sun up till night.

next source 2. Stryker Stand-On – This mower is known for its toughness and versatility.

  • It comes in two models with the engine make from Kawasaki that run on a 25-horsepower.
  • The small footprint of the mowers is intended for easy maneuver in tight areas. The built-in footsteps make traction better, especially when used along hillsides.
  • It is made to last with its 7 to 14-gauge stainless steel.
  • The mowers are able to cut grass in high volume without the need to slow down. write an essay quiz 3. Magnum HP – It is durable and surprisingly affordable for its built.

  • It comes in five models with the engine makes from Kawasaki and Kohler. These models run from 22 to 27 horsepower, which can cover 2.8 to 3.9 acres per hour.
  • This comes in three cutting widths – 44”, 50” and 60”, which utilizes the X2 cutting system.
  • The mowers are equipped with the Hydro-Gear ZT-3400 that are suited for heavy-duty commercial transmissions. They are easy to maintain with the added external oil filter.
  • It offers a complete discharge control with its operator-controlled discharge chute.
  • It offers superb comfort to its users with the deluxe seat that comes with a great design and an extra plush cushion, which makes it bearable to work all day long.

view go here 4. Blackhawk – It has advanced operator controls and top-notch value that will redefine your mowing experience.

  • It operates using the V6 cutting system and comes in three cutting widths – 48”, 54” and 60”. Its deep 7-gauge shell makes it possible to create more vacuum and work on larger volumes.
  • It utilizes the foot-operated OCDC that makes it possible to work with your hands propped on the steering levels.
  • It steers quietly and efficiently with engine makes from Kawasaki and Briggs & Stratton Cyclonic.
  • It is made with high strength and low maintenance, and superior comfort with its bolstered and padded seat with a high back.

dissertation juridique modle 5. Blackhawk HP – It offers great performance and high-quality moving experience.

  • This also has the foot-operated OCDC with engine makes from Kawasaki and Kohler.
  • You are in full control of the machine with its InCommand Console.
  • It provides lateral stability with its padded seat and full suspension.

Doctoral Thesis Construction Management It has the Parker HTE series transmissions that work quietly and efficiently.  

enter site Commercial Use (Zero-Turn Mowers)

Help On Essays Custom Essay Net 1. Silver Eagle – What was originally conceived as a residential mower exceeded people’s expectations that is why this has been elevated to the commercial classification.

  • It runs on a high 27 horsepower with engine makes from Kawasaki FX and Kohler EFI.
  • This is made to finish the toughest jobs with its 72" Elite X deck design.

go site You have the option to add a Twist blade to speed up its mulching ability. Industrial Use (Zero-Turn Mowers)

Online Research Paper Writing Services 1. Classic – Its cuts quicker and easier than its contemporaries and is tagged as the ultimate mowing machine.

  • You can choose from the engine makes of Kohler EFI and Kawasaki FX, which run on a 35 horsepower, or Vanguard that operates on 36 horsepower.
  • Its steel frame is guaranteed not to break.
  • It has an operator-controlled discharge chute.
  • It has the new deck lift system that makes servicing and operations better and easier.
  • It comes with over-sized hydraulics that lengthen the life expectancy of its drivetrain and lessens the system pressure.

Cultural Diversity Paper 2. XCaliber – It offers superior performance that is perfect for contractors and landscaping pros.

  • The engines are fuel efficient and on engines, such as Vanguard, Kohler EFI, and Kawasaki FX.
  • This is considered as one of the smoothest riding industrial mowers.
  • It comes with the 60" X2 wind tunnel deck that is now looked at as the best cutting design that is available in the market.
  • The drivetrain can be configured to over 6 acres per hour at a ground speed reaching 13 mph.

Most of its parts have guaranteed lifetime warranties.