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Zero Turn Mower Snow Removal Attachments



Zero Turn Mowers are proven to be one of the best grass cutting time savers, but why let it sit idle all winter? Most people are not aware that in recent years some manufacturers have come to realize that zero turn mowers can be used for snow removal. There are some inexpensive universal attachments and some mower specific attachments available. Using a zero turn for snow removal can be 2-3 times faster than a traditional lawn tractor. The same principles apply to winter use as for summer use. Zero Turn's are much faster and maneuverable.


Traction Issues?


Since a zero turn's engine is mounted over the rear drive wheels, it actually improves traction in the snow over a traditional lawn tractor. This allows for maximum traction without having to add any extra weight. Of course traction is an issue on steep inclines, but when is it not?



Rubber ChainsRubber Chains


For peace of mind or if you have a lighter zero turn you can purchase rubber chains for the rear drive wheels. These are ideal for use on pavement because they will not tear up the surface and provide a smoother ride over regular chains. A pair of TerraGrips cost less than $100 and are easy to install requiring no tools. Be sure to find out the size of your rear drive tires as the TerraGrips are not one size fits all. Click Here for more information on the TerraGrips Tire Chains



Is it Safe to use a Snow Plow on my Zero Turn?


Traditionally the Hydrostatic drivetrains that come on most zero turns today would be considered too weak to do any pushing or pulling. Especially with lighter duty units using EZT 2200's. These are not recommended to pull over 250lbs and the same would go for pushing. It would be recommended that if you have a zero turn with EZT's to use a smaller snow blade, only plow a couple inches at a time, only use a snow blower attachment or just ditch the idea of using your zero turn for snow removal all together. ZT-2800, 3100 and 3400 transmissions are much stronger and built more for commercial use and can handle added weight of pushing snow.



Snow Plow Attachment Video



What Snow Removal Attachment do I Need?



Each attachment has it's own specialty. Below are details of each type of snow removal attachments to help you understand what you will need for whichever type of job you need to accomplish.


Zero Turn Mower Snow Plow AttachmentSnow Plow


A snow plow would be the most common attachment for snow removal and possibly the cheapest. Most of them are mounted with brackets around the front caster wheels. Some may even require a few hole to be drilled in the frame for mounting purposes. Using a plow on a zero turn doesn't require you to remove the mowing deck. Most zero turns can handle plowing 10-12 inches at most. There are various plow attachments available. Some of the cheaper plows require some manual labor. They may have a foot control or require you to physically get off the machine to adjust the blade position. Of course there are some that are powered by hydraulics or electric motors. Pictured to the left is a Nordic Auto Plow Zero-Turn Snow Plow – 49in., Model# NAP-ZR3, Click Here for more information.


Snow Blower


A snow blower attachment is driven off the deck belt. This means the the mower deck has to come off and an attachment goes in it's place which drives the blower. If you've used a regular walk behind snow blower then you know this can be a slow process. With a zero turn you can blow the snow away much faster. However most would say that the snow plow is all you need.


Rotary Brush


Again like the snow blower the rotary brush requires the mowing deck to be taken off and has an attachment that goes in place of the deck to drive the brush. Brushes are ideal to use in just a few inches of snow fall or to be used for clean up purposes after plowing or snow blowing. Rotary brushes will clean up debris, snow and ice right off the surface leaving only the pavement behind.


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