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Zero Turn Mowers made in the USA with Robotics

For the past 10 years Bad Boy Mowers has been riding a surge in the U.S. Manufacturing industry. New innovation has aided robotic welding technology. In 2014 Bad Boy Mowers was able to double it production thanks to Turnkey robotic cells. The company continues to grow thanks to standardizing and adding consistency to it's manufacturing processes with the use of robotic welding cells. This aids the company in keeping costs down which enables them to over more value to consumers. Almost every year Bad Boy Mowers purchases a new robotic welding cell to ensure it's integrity during the manufacturing process. They use ABB's FlexArc K cell due it's capability of handling larger parts such as frames and mower decks, as well as handling the smaller parts associated with zero turn mowers. Bad Boy is currently running eight robotic welding cells during two shifts which helps build about 300 mowers a day.



Jeff Mynatt, Director of Operations for Bad Boy Mowers states:

"We want to be the best zero-turn mower manufacturer out there. That doesn't mean we'll sell the most units, but we want to be the best."

Bad Boy Mowers Zero Turn Mower Production
Bad Boy Zero Turn Assembly


US Manufacturing on the Rise


Americans throughout history have always held deeply the ideal of the “whatever it takes” attitude and are proud of his legacy. In the modern day world success have transitioned to software innovators, such as social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, as well has companies like Apple with their innovative hand held devices. In decades past it's been hard to find strong recent examples of manufacturing in the us. However now the U.S. there is a revival of homegrown manufacturing taking shape in the country.


Advancement in technology is a large driving factor in the recent increases of U.S. based manufacturing. Bad Boy Mowers is an example of the resurgence in American manufacturing success. The company was founded in 1998 with a goal to build the highest quality zero turn mowers available. Just four years later in 2002 Bad Boy Mowers were available to the public. Since then it has doubled it's production every year largely in part by it's use of robotic welding cells. Recently they even had to build a new building to meet the demand for it's mowers.


Jeff Mynatt, Director of Operations for Bad Boy Mowers states:

"We have hundreds of thousands of mowers out there right now. From where we started to where we are now, in such a short period of time, is pretty amazing-especially given that the zero-point-turn mower market is very competitive."

Bad Boy Mowers Zero Turn Mower FlexArc welding cell
FlexArc Robotic Welding Cell

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Like Bad Boy, many other mowers are made in the USA!


Made in the USA


Bad Boy Mower's current facility is 800,000 sq ft. The company is proud of it's past and try's to keep as much of it's manufacturing in house and in the U.S. as possible. They do almost all of it from getting the metal, cutting it out, fabricating it, welding it, painting it and to assembling it in house. Another thing that sets Bad Boy apart is they build their own frames, make most of the smaller associated parts and fabricate their own mower decks. They use heavier thicker gauge metal and take pride in producing high strength mowers. This makes Bad Boy Mowers unique from most of it's competitors. Bad Boy Mowers is proud to made in the USA and believe they have helped proven that companies can still build their own products in America and do so better then ever before.


Jeff Mynatt, Director of Operations for Bad Boy Mowers states:

“We're proud to build a product that supports American jobs, and that our customers are proud to own."

Help keep Manufacturing in America


Bad Boy Mowers realized early on that to keep production in the U.S. while meeting demand and target budgets that they would have to look to innovative advanced robotic welding techniques. United Robotics in Spingdale, Ark. was up for the challenge of integrating robotics into Bad Boy's production line. With their experience in arc-welding applications they provided AAB FlexArc robotic welding cells. These modular built cells are designed to fit into existing production lines and help standardize welding systems.


Keeping up with demand using just manual labor alone would be costly. These robotic welding cells can weld better, faster, efficiently and more consistently all day long. Once the initial programming is done robotic welders always weld a good bead with no variation in quality. Increasing production, keeping t in the U.S. and maintaining high quality isn't the only thing robotic welders are good for. Robotic welders also help with safety and ergonomics. The more production that is done in house, the faster we can produce and the better quality we can deliver will reduces the need to outsource manufacturing. The robotic welders are a big part of that and they will keep our valuable employees out of the danger of having to lift heavy parts. Robotic welders are in their own confined separate areas which keeps employees safer and helps almost eliminate injuries all together.